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V5.3 available in the AppStore

A lot of new things !

First, KyPass have a documentation ! It’s available at http://docs.kypass.eu. This website uses gitbook and you could improve documentation via GitHub if you wish.

The changelog for the v5.3 is:


  • Year is now selectable in expiration date
  • Added count in shortcuts section
  • Added cloud provider icon in file list
  • Added empty trash function
  • Browse history entries
  • Added database title in the bottom bar
  • Allow certificates in O365 login


  • Autofill function is back for ios12 users
  • Fix box.com sync
  • Fix size display for local files
  • Fix large file (>4mb) upload with MSGraph
  • Digits argument is now supported in OTP uri
  • Fix the UIViewcontroller bug (when the use shortcut option was not set)

KyPass 5.1

New version of KyPass was released today.

  • O365 support is now better than never,
  • The autofill function is working again (As a reminder: Settings>Passwords & Accounts>autofill). iOS 13.4 added some changes in the way this function should be implemented and had to be rewritten,
  • Added new parameters in password generator (ignore some letters and add password separator)

The forum is still there if you need some improvements.

KyPass for ever !

KyPass v5

Some news about the new version of KyPass.

v5 will be a free update.

Just wait a few more days 😉

  • Critical bug in O365 when folder doesn’t exist is fixed
  • Dark mode support will be finally here! (and all the colors have been improved)
  • And some other little things you’ll enjoy 😉