Kypass v3 – deprecated

Last version of KyPass v3 was released 4 years ago but there are still some people using it.

Apple doesn’t allow you to run it from iOS 14.6 (it says the developer needs to update the application for it to work with that IOS even is nothing was done from my side)

As I couldn’t update it easily, a migration tools was done for people that don’t use cloud provider and don’t have backup.

The tools is available on our Discord.

To use it, just click on the link in the pinned message of the KyPass group of our Discord server and install the testflight version of our KyPass migration tools. It’s will create a local server that allow you to download your local database from your pc/mac.

(For the people that don’t have problems with KyPass3, don’t install it. This application replace the existing KyPass3 application)

PS. New version of KyPass 5 is on the way too.

6 thoughts on “Kypass v3 – deprecated”

  1. Will I be able to convert directly from v3 to v5 on iOS? i.e. will the database be transferred automatically?

  2. The current version on the Apple App Store is version 5.5. Did you mean that a new V6 is on the way, or that an upgrade to the existing V5 is on the way? I need to know whether to wait for the new version or buy the current upgrade.

  3. Hi
    a question regarding the last version and using iCloud

    I followed the simple instruction and a folder is not automatically created when I select iCloud.

    I created a KePass folder with a file in it but the program does not recognise it. ( no file). It works with dropbox.

    Any ideas of why it cannot work?

  4. I have the same questions as above. In iOS 14.6, I cannot see my passwords in Kypass v3 which now says that it must be updated.

    I bought v5.5, but it says “No file found!”


    1. Firstly, I think it’s very poor that the developer can’t be bothered to respond to the questions raised here. These are people who have paid money for the app and deserve help when experiencing problems. I have given the app a 1 star rating for this reason.

      Let me see if I can help based on my experiences. Following the notice issued by the developer redbug on 11 June 2021, I updated to the latest version of Kypass. I then updated my iPhone to verion 14.6. My existing version 3 continued to operate perfectly as does the new version 5.5. I am not sure why this is as there are others here who say their old version 3 has stopped working. It may be because I use Dropbox to sync the password database between 2 phones, and my phone was the ‘originating’ phone. I can confirm that the 2nd phone lost contact with the database after the upgrade although it still loaded the v3 app fine. I could also probably have fixed the db access problem by linking it to Dropbox again.

      @JohnH if you backed up your password db to Dropbox or icloud you should be able to relink it to the new app by clicking on the cloud icon at the bottom RHS of the app (5.5). If not, it may be that the previous v3 retained the db locally in which case you may have lost it – unless redbug is able to confirm how to access this file e.g. through Files so you can copy it to a new location and/or Dropbox. My advice to anyone performing the iOS 14.6 upgrade is first enable Dropbox sync so a copy (encrypted) is placed in the Dropbox \crypted folder. As an additional measure, also copy this file to a desktop where you will be able to access it using KeePass ( KeePass is a free desktop password app that can access the Kypass kdbx password database file.

      Hope this helps.

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