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KMSC #14 NDS Words Concept

This 14th entry was created by Fejuai
Here is his description:

Powerful dictionary and thesaurus application for the Nintendo DS. Features the key elements to a pocket dictionary, thesaurus, and includes recreational and archival capabilities.

The top “Dictionary” and “Thesaurus” buttons would switch the function between the two. The universal search entry box is situated in the top-center of the first screen. To manage the menus, a bottom-top ‘L’ swap system could be implemented so that the user could easily press the ‘L’ putton to swap the top and bottom screens.

Every feature should be made managable by the stylus as well as by buttons. The interface itself should look professional and should not travel far from a basic colour scheme.

Things to include:

* Text input via virtual keyboard
* Text input via freehand
* Quick search
* Full dictionary
* Full thesaurus
* Linking between definitions and files
* Translation tool
* Audio for pronounciation of word
* Preferences menu including default language changes
* Language files, allowing use in any language
* Word hangman game for specified word
* Word jumble game for specified word
* Word history look-up

This would be pretty difficult to impliment, but it’s supposed to be a dream mock-up ;). This is based on the capabilities and functions of http://word.sc which I believe would be great on the Nintendo DS.