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CrocoDS for RG350

I’ve bought a RG350. It’s a handheld video game console base on the OpenDingux os (like the well-known GCW Zero).

New device means new playground and new challenges.

I’ve thus ported CrocoDS on the RG350: Every device needs an Amstrad CPC emulator!

It’s still alpha release.

Don’t hesitate to post on these boards if you have any suggestions to improve it:

Download CrocoDS for the RG350

Crocods 2.0

You could forget the joke from kukulcan: here is the v2.0 of CrocoDS 🙂


– Save-states (load, read & erase).
– New design. (thanks to kukulcan)
– Bugfixes with the autostart.
– Beter support of the copy, shift, control and caps-lock keys.
– Single / multi-keys pressed for activate cheat code.
– Minor update in the Z80 emulation.
– Bugfixes in the timing of the sound module. (thanks to Alekmaul)
– All options are now available via icons.
– Screen capture (you need sna2png to convert the snapshot to bitmap)
– Speed limitator. (crocods is sometimes too fast)

Enjoy !!


StyxDS v0.2a (Neo Spring Compo 2007 release)

[lang_fr]Finalement, je n’ai pas eu le temps pour les 2 nouvelles applications pour la NeoFlash. Je présenterais donc juste une mise-à-jour de StyxDS.

Quoi de neuf ?
En deux mots : plus rapide ! (mais pas encore temps réel)
– Auto-frameskip (avec un maximum de 5)
– Nouvelle gestion de l’écran. (en attendant une version ARM asm)
– La souris en mode touchpad est plus vĂ©loce.

Télécharger la v0.2a.[lang_fr]
Neo Spring Compo 2007

Finally, I don’t have enought time to present my 2 new applications. Thus just one update of StyxDS this time.

What’s new ?
In one word : quicker ! (but not yet realtime)
– Auto-frameskip (max 5)
– New screen handling (next version will be ARM asm based)
– Mouse in touchpad mode is quicker.

Download the v0.2a.
Neo Spring Compo 2007.