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You asked me the roadmap of Kypass. Here it is!

  • Kypass Handbook. (this week)
  • Adding more synchronization choice (2.0)
  • Define automatic logout time (1.4)
  • Improve design & usability (2.0)
  • Add more information on each details form (1.4)
  • Bug fixes: allow not alphanumeric characters in password (1.4)
  • Settings to disable automatic sync mechanism. (2.0)
  • kdbx write support (3.0)
  • Bug fixes: search function crash kypass (when I’ll be able to reproduce the error)
  • Spin animation/progress bar when opening a database (1.5)
  • Easy password generation (2.1)
  • Wireless password exchange between 2 iphone/ipad (2.1)

When ?

  • 1.4: before the end of summer (I’m using Xcode 4.2 beta with the SDK for ios5 beta. I don’t think that I can’t release an application anymore until the GM is released. If I can, the 1.4 version will be release soon)
  • 2.0: before the end of fall.