Kyuran is a software company.

Our core products revolve mainly on embedded environments such as iPhone, iPad (and previously devices like Pocket PC or Nintendo DS)

  • KyPass is a Keepass port for iPhone/iPad with dropbox synchronization and for OS X.
  • Doobs is a database viewer for Pocket PC. It was originally designed to check the database from BD Gest ‘, the management software of a collection of comics.
  • Kara-o-pocket is a karaoke software for iPhone/iPad.
  • CrocoDS is a emulator Amstrad CPC Nintendo DS.
  • Biopocket is a biorhythm calculator for iPhone/iPad.

Many of these products have been acclaimed as they become available:

  • Biopocket was awarded by the magazine ‘Pocket PC Magazine as a “Hot Download Pick”.
  • Kara-O-Pocket has made a lot of specialized sites when it was released

You want to test our software ? Go to our Beta page.

Contact us if you need custom software developed. We will send you a quote very quickly.

19 thoughts on “Software”

  1. Hello Miguel,

    I bought your App “KyPass” for iPhone and iPad and I really enjoy that I can synchronise my database on both iOS devices via Dropbox with ease!
    Your App is so good, that I’m looking to replace KeePass on my Laptops with another Software that can synchronize via Dropbox.

    Did you ever think about a Windows software or a web based application that can do this?
    If you don’t have any plans – can you please recommand software that can do this?

    P.S.: One minor bug: when I switched “Timeout: 5 Minutes” on in the settings dialog and I’m editing an entry on a dropbox based database file, then I’m often kicked out before the database could be safed and all my new entries are lost. This is probably because the 5 minute timer is running also when editing. Can you please fix this?

    Thank you for your reply in advance!

    Best regards,


  2. I can not find a page on your site devoted to kypass. I would love to read a full list of features and current known bugs before buying a keepass compatable app.

  3. I have purchased KyPass recently and really works well. One reqest, if I may have: I am using the KPEntryTemplates plug-in. Would it be possible to enable the template functionality as well as showing the custom icons that are embedded in the database.

  4. Thanx for the update to version 1.9, I see that Skydrive synchronisation is implemented.
    But my question is on the Dropbox synchronisation

    In the update to version 1.9 all the files in dropbox are shown without the filedate.
    The filedate is an indicator on how old a specific database is.

    Is there any possibility to restore the filedate in the directory listing?

  5. Hi, Am happy with kypass!
    Two bugs:
    1- custom field with very long name breaks formatting.
    2- custom field are displayed without asterisks, though in memory protection is set.
    Cheers, Gijs

  6. Hi,
    I’m using keypass a lot and it works fine. The only thing that I am missing is the support for Owncloud synchronization, its an opensource cloud server/client, maybe if you have time…



    1. Hi,
      I second Alex’s request. I bought Kypass and use it on 3 iOS devices with ease and pleasure. The fact is I’m trying to drop Dropbox in favor of solution I can manage and access behind a corporate firewall. On my iOS devices, a “Kypass” able to sync over WebDAV or sftp would be the perfect next step.

  7. Last 3.2 now edit extra fields, perfect!!!
    Aldo text dynamic work fine.

    But dont work open chrome and open iCab mobile, on my iphone 5 with ios 7.04, and on my ipad mini ios 7.04

    It open always safari!!!

    Best regards,

  8. Was using Kypass and recently upgraded to Kypass 3 b/c it stopped working (would not load). Now it will load but I can’t make any changes. It crashes everytime. Please help.

    1. 1.7 was sent to approval today.
      It fixes this bug. For the moment, just try to type your search slowly…

  9. Thanks for the update.
    I noticed following bug: opening a database using a password, key-file and touch-id can’t be opened for a second time. No problem using a pin code instead of touch-id.

  10. My wife and I use the KyPass app and love it. However, with the last update my wife cannot read the entries as the font size she has for the iPhone is too large, making lines on top of each other. It would be great to fix for a future release.


  11. Would you please send me instructions on how to connect to one drive?
    I’ve been trying to for a few days with the web dav protocol but haven’t gotten anywhere.

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