KyPass (macOS)

KyPass Companion saves many different information (user names, passwords, urls, comments, …) in one single database. The entries are sorted in groups. The integrated search function allows to search in the complete database.



  • Allows to use multilple Keepass database (v1 OR v2) at the same time.
  • Save your master password in Apple Keychain.
  • Support key file.
  • Compatible with Chrome and Firefox extension. (fully compatible with KeePassHTTP)

Browser extensions are available from:

  • Chrome: Download if from Chrome Web Store (thanks to Perry Nguyen)
  • Firefox: Download if from  (thanks to Perry Nguyen)







Many other features as

  • Password generator
  • .csv importer

  • passwordgenerator

Download it from the Mac App Store

You could also download our iPhone/iPod/iPad version from the AppStore