CrocoDS for RG350

I’ve bought a RG350. It’s a handheld video game console base on the OpenDingux os (like the well-known GCW Zero).

New device means new playground and new challenges.

I’ve thus ported CrocoDS on the RG350: Every device needs an Amstrad CPC emulator!

It’s still alpha release.

Don’t hesitate to post on these boards if you have any suggestions to improve it:

Download CrocoDS for the RG350

2 thoughts on “CrocoDS for RG350”

  1. First I must say thank you for this emulator, I had an Amstrad and found the emulator almost perfect for the RG350. It is the only PC emulator I use on the RG, mainly because I really like the program, not only the Amstrad itself. Because is so good and almost perfect I would like to suggest some features I miss, from more to less important:

    1. Keyboard mapping saved and autoloaded for each particular game. Many games must be used with keys and you have to remap each time you play a different one.

    2. Disk navigation: L1 and R1 could be used to navigate faster when selecting a new Disk to load (Page up/down). Most of the times I simply close the emulator and use the file selection of the RG350, that allow L1/R1.

    3. State load/save: allow 3 slots or so per game.

    4. Some games do not show a .BAS file to launch. They should be launched with the command |CPM which is hard to type.

    I have seen some games crashing I can send more details If you are interested.

    Again, thanks a lot.

  2. i don t succeed to load roms,
    Need to write : run”roms ?
    i don t succeed to have the ” on the keyboard

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