KyPass v5

Some news about the new version of KyPass.

v5 will be a free update.

Just wait a few more days 😉

  • Critical bug in O365 when folder doesn’t exist is fixed
  • Dark mode support will be finally here! (and all the colors have been improved)
  • And some other little things you’ll enjoy 😉

15 thoughts on “KyPass v5”

  1. Hello folks !

    I hope the sync problem will be resolved on OneDrive for Business
    The problem don’t exist on OneDrive personal but only in the Pro.
    I can read the dB but can’t update it from my iPhone

    Please update the release.

    Keep in touch guys.

    1. Hello thank you for the update but for my issue the pb is still present impossible to update my dB from my phone to OneDrive for Business MSGraph

      Also how to reveal master password ???

      Thank you for your help and answer please.


  2. Hello I have remove and make new install of keepass v5 and now I can’t log to my one drive pro I have this error :

    AADSTS50011: The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application: ‘8d38b364-f09d-464a-ba58-9b9aa2dd56b4’.

    Request Id: 2a612230-2d2b-4f09-9686-f206fd2d3b00
    Correlation Id: 6e7bea81-0c61-4858-a6d5-a9d38f4e3e34
    Timestamp: 2020-03-19T19:07:21Z
    Message: AADSTS50011: The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application: ‘8d38b364-f09d-464a-ba58-9b9aa2dd56b4’.
    Diagnostics avancés : Désactiver
    Si vous prévoyez d’obtenir une assistance concernant un problème, activez cette fonctionnalité et essayez de reproduire l’erreur. Cette opération permettra de collecter des informations supplémentaires utiles pour la résolution du problème.

    1. FYI

      It’s ok on my one drive personal but big pb on the Pro version Now I can’t add my db and read it please correct asap could you provide me the TestFlight version and activate my account in the forum (try to register by mail and duscord and still waiting for a board admin to activate my account)

      In advance I thank you.

    2. FYI

      I have try with the keepassium app and it’s working withe my one drive pro I can add read write my dB

      Help please help so long time to correct this bug it’s impossible for me to manage my passwords

      I thank you

    3. New message when I try to add a one drive pro account:

      Compte MicrosoftCompte

      Nous ne pouvons pas traiter votre demande

      invalid_request: The provided value for the input parameter ‘redirect_uri’ is not valid. The expected value is a URI which matches a redirect URI registered for this client application.

        1. Hello I have make a new remove / install with the testflight version and now I can add my db from my onedrive pro great

          I can open my db and read it and use touch id it’s ok

          But when I try to modify my db the app says the file is refreshed but it’s always the original file in the cloud no modification applied and from the app I have to fill again the master password and activate touch-id.
          In fact it’s like open a « new db » bad ☹️ Sorry
          Please fix it and thank you.

        2. Another strange thing if I let or close the app for a moment I have to enter my master password again like I open each time a new db ☹️

  3. For info the strange comportment doesn’t exist in one drive personal version my db is ok I can read update and touch-id / master password stored evrithing working fine on Personal version.
    Could you do the same please for the pro version of OneDrive

    I hope it help !

  4. Hi,
    can KyPass handle more than one database? I like to keep my work and private credentials separated with two different passphrases.
    At the moment I use Mini KeePass on ios but this app will be discontinued end of 2020…

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