V5.5 available in the AppStore

Already 9 years old but in better shape than ever!

The changelog for the v5.5 is:


  • Improve start speed


  • Don’t remove PIN code after a valid touch/face ID.
  • Fix pin check when use face id
  • Removed all the ASIHTTPRequest call that hang on ios14.2beta

6 thoughts on “V5.5 available in the AppStore”

  1. Unfortunately in the new version there is no possible to insert url or user data in der WebDAV interface.
    Example data are freezed.

  2. Kypass is awesome.

    BUT , I’ve run into one little bug. I use it with OneDrive, which works great except when I change an entry with Keepass on my PC.

    The very next time I run Kypass after that, the app dies. It works fine when I restart it, so just an annoyance that I hope gets on the “fix” list.

    One last note: I only use Kypass in read-only mode, and treat my PC as the one and only device that modifies my kdbx file.


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