KyPass 2.3 is in review.

What’s new ?

  • Fix in entry creation (no more auto-correction & auto-capitalization when creating entry)
  • Share an entry with another KyPass via QR Code.
  • Password generator in edit form (PRO only)
  • And some bug fixes

42 thoughts on “KyPass 2.3 is in review.”

  1. Hi,
    I cannot open my keepass db anymore. It is a v2 version database. It was working but since i upgraded keepass on the pc to the latest version i cannot load it in your app. The pc version and another app on my iphone have no issues. So it must be your app. It crashes when the progress bar is almost at the end when loading the kdbx file. Also the new version cannot load my kdbx file.

    1. I also found I am no longer able to sync with my Keepass v2 (.kdbx) file through DropBox since the update.

        1. What configuration panel ? Do you mean KyPass Settings ? If so, I went to :
          KyPass > Settings File Synchronization

          Then deactivated the option “Use dropbox”, reactivated again and allowed KyPass to use dropbox in dropbox app. But this did not do anything… πŸ™

          Any suggestion ?

          Thanks in advance

        2. KDB file was created on iphone. I cannot get it to sync to dropbox/crypted or google drive. Downloaded latest KYPASS upgrade tried again still no luck. PLEASE HELP!! my database is not backed up in any way and I have tons of entries. I’m very frustrated.

  2. Definitely a bug when using the password generator in edit mode on an ipad 2 – the lower right part of the generator window displays in the top left corner of the screen and cant be accessed. Pity, because this is functionality that i REALLY want…

    Thanks otherwise for a great app – one I use almost every day.

    1. I’m disappointed that this bug is not fixed in the 2.4 update released today. Will it be fixed?

      Regards, Tom

  3. testing kypass plus – and other keepass implementations on ipad.
    Kypass looks by far the most promising sofar (I like integration with eg dropbox and use of internal browser/safari) – but:
    – login to gmail using entry in database only worked first time, could not get it working again in internal browser nor safari.
    – login requires to paste username, then password, right? – no one button login like lastpass?)
    – keepass file stayed open ! even after I closed app then restarted the keepass file was still open showing the gmail entry. I can find no way to close manually or by timeout for autoclosure?

    Keepass file was made with latest keepass in W7x64

    keep up the good work!
    thanks, E

  4. I tried v2.3 with my iphone (ios6). When I make new entries or groups with “+” they are disapeared after reentering the database. When I make the new entry or group with “Bearbeiten”, everything is ok.

  5. I found the problem. My keyfile had grown immense to 5mb. How this came to be is guessing, but i mainly used kypass on ipad and iphone. Maybe something went wrong with synchronizing via dropbox. But after doing db maintenance in keepass the file shrunk to 8kb. Very steange, but now i can open the file in kypass again.
    Btw after using delete history items in db maintenance the file size was greatly reduced.

  6. The Help in your App shows me:
    “I’ve recently bought your app. When I link it to dropbox, it
    doesn’t show my .kdbx file.
    The databases must be in the /crypted folder at the root of your dropbox folder.”

    I remember in version it was possible to choose my Dorpbox-folder.
    Now you want force me take only YOUR! folder, called Crypted. For what reason? Should everbody knows where my secret files must be stored? \Crypted is the worst, the most unsafe location for that!
    It is stupid to put them there! Because every Hacker would know, the secrets are hidden in a folder Crypted!!!
    I want to keep MY FILES IN MY FOLDER, not in your folder.
    How can I do this, to make it in my way? There is no way for that in the settings, but it should be, no! it must be.
    Otherwise the step from to is in fact a downgrade, for that you cash more money.

    You worsen the App in this point. This is bad. A good Softwaredeveloper should have the feeling, want the Softwareusers need. You want to be a good one?
    Then change it! Give me back the control over my folders I want to use with your App.


  7. I’m wondering if KyPass allows decryption using a key file? Mini Keepass offers it and I don’t see a way to use it in Kypass. If it currently isn’t possible, do you have any plans to implement that feature? I’d prefer to stick with KyPass b/c you have the 2-way sync with dropbox, something mini keepass doesn’t have.

    1. Yes, this feature exist.
      Just rename your keyfile to database.kdb.key (if database is database.kdb) and send the key file via iTunes sharing (not via dropbox)

    1. -> google drive synchronization (if you connect your google account with kypass) -> notification service (if you accept notification the first time you run kypass)

  8. Update.
    Now it works. As I run the App second time, the field with the Dropbox-Folder wasnt longer greyed out, so I could change the given folder to my folder.
    No idea, why this field was greyed out on the first run.

  9. Dear Developper,

    does KyPass support the KeePass feature “reference field”? This means I have an account setup with a password. On many other database entries I refer to that password. Therefore if the account’s password needs to be changed I only have to do it once.
    The app does not necessarily need to show the referred password unencrypted, but should be able to copy it to the clipboard.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

  10. Hi,

    there is a horrible bug in KyPass. When adding entries with the + sign, all entries made like this are getting lost.

    Don’t ask me, how many things I have lost until I recognized this. This should never happen, in such an important application!

    Will this be fixed with the new 2.3 version?

  11. After upgrading to Kypass Pro 2.3, I’m having trouble with Google Drive synching. At first I tried relinking the connection worked but after the three times even the relinking no longer resolves the problem. Additionally, after trying to reset the app by deleting it and reinstalling the app, the database returns without any action. Deleting all contents and then deleting app produces the same result. Also, deleting all of the databases produces this message: “No file found ! Look at the folder /Crypted in your Dropbox and copy your .kdb(x) in it” *. I’ve never used Dropbox with Kypass (I prefer Google Drive).

    Any ideas?

    * = image can be seen here:

  12. In the description of the program in Appstore (for iOS) said he supports synchronization with iCloud. After purchasing the application, I found that in “sync” only sync with dropbox and google drive! I am very disappointed. Where synchronization .kdb file with iCloud?

    1. iCloud support exist in KyPass but you need the KyPass Companion to create or upload a database on iCloud.
      Apple rejects it many time thus I have to rethink the application to send it again.

      1. Thanks for the reply. It is very important for me. I’ll wait for when there will sync with icloud. Other methods are not suitable for me.

  13. I’ve recently purchased KyPass Pro and I’m using it constantly on both my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4. I got some issues with Google Drive synchronization on my iPad that I successfully worked around with a re-installation and the app sometimes asks for the PIN twice in a row. Aside from those minor issues, it works well. I realize it still lacks some features that a Keepass user might expect. If requests are welcome so to allow better prioritization for the order of implementation, I’d like to make two: 1 – to allow for adding, updating and deleting custom fields and corresponding values; 2 – To display custom icons and allow the user to set one of the custom icon embeded in the database to new or existing groups and entries. As for number 2, for extra icing, the app could allow embeding new custom icons in the database by capturing the favicon of a site selected by the user. This would be neat!

  14. I use KyPass Pro at iPad and KeePass + GoogleDriveSync at Windows. In addition to master password, I also use key file.

    Since KyPass Pro couldn’t let user to pick key file, the workaround is to use same file name for both password db file and key file (with different file type). So if I use, say, test.kdbx as my db file, the key file should be test.key.

    But it didn’t work at all. Finally I found the db file transferred to KyPass Pro became KyuranGoogleDrive-test.kdbx. And if I follow the name to change my key file to KyuranGoogleDrive-test.key. It did work!

    How come? any setting I missed? I don’t want KyuranGoogleDrive- as db file prefix.

  15. Hi,
    I have just started using KyPass and I’m already in trouble. When I closed it the first time it did not ask me to enter a masterkey. Before closing KyPass I tried to find out where I could create the masterkey and I had the stupid thought that if I saved and closed the program it would ask me to create one.
    Now I can’t get in. Is there anything I can do?

  16. Hi,
    I do really like your product. And im using it daily on my desktop, iphone and ipad mini. And im syncing with Google Drive.

    The sync was working good i the beginning. But for the last month or so it has stopped or just working now and then.

    If I make changes on my iPhone, then the change is stored on my iPhone and is not synced to my Google Drive. And if im using the google drive db. That will over write my changes done on ie. my iphone.

    I can’t use this anymore with my work if there’s no solution to it. I do love the applications. But having entries over written is no option. I do have backup. But spending time on restoring backups daily takes to much time away from working.

    I’ve tried to disable and enable sync several times. Works for a few updates, but no longer.

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