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  1. What about support for opening the kbd(x) with a password file instead of a password. You would only share the kbd file via dropbox but manage pwd-file locally.
    (Or is this possible already?)

  2. please advise if and when your program will be available for the current version of the mac os – mountain lion.

      1. There is a demand for a proper port of KeeaPass to Mac OS, but I guess you realize that by now as I saw you have one on the works, haven’t you? I look forward to its release!

  3. – Auto open the last oder a default Database. i have only one in the dropbox and dont need to select them..
    – A button after the Master-Password field to clear the field.
    – Support for own Icons embedded in the password file.

    + all Features from DropPass…

          1. It actually just work until it times out, so yes, this feature would be a nice addition to the next version.

  4. it would be nice to have own icons, in the desktop client i could set my own icons and i think they are also stored in the database file. but actually the iphone app dont show this icons.

  5. – Auto-open last database
    – File attachment support. For example, I store a scanned picture of my passport in my kdbx file. This can be very useful on my iPhone!
    – When viewing an entry, only show field that are acually filled in. For example, some entries have no comments or website – no need to show the empty fields. KyPass has a separate mode for editing the entry anyway.

    These features will make the user experience more streamlined. Thanks in advance!

  6. I want a Feature to Open the urls in safari or chrome browser. If its Possible with an autologin. Or Auto fill in Login Form.

    1. Open a URL in Safari is possible already. Chrome should be added.
      Autologin or autofilling login forms would be perfect.

  7. Having the ability to have more than one Dropbox directory would be great for people who need to manage multiple files which may be in different places. This can happen if you manage multiple networks or customers where you want to manage data separately. These files may actually be in different directories as shared Dropbox folders in the one “linked” DB account of the phone.

    – Also perhaps cleaner font for the screen title bars

    Great App!


  8. Any possibility of getting at least read access to custom string fields associated with an entry (v2db)? I have so much data besides “pw” that I can’t see ! Thanks for considering this… It would really make a big difference in iDevice utility

      1. I couldn’t find this feature advertised, but of course, as you said, it is present. Thanks! Unfortunately, I think I’ve found a bug… for those custom fields with in-memory protection, it appears that they aren’t actually read-only. In some situations, they seem to be overwritten corrupted. (looks like base64 to me). Can you investigate? How do I file this as an official bug report?

        1. I confirm the bug persists on version 2.3. Any hope on a fix for that?
          Any hope on a feature to add, edit and delete custom fields?

  9. I’ve tried about every iOS app that bills itself as Keepass compatible. Not really sure where I’m not understanding what’s so hard to do, but obviously I am. I cannot get ANY of them to work (and I’m a developer, but not iOS). I want: a) keep my .kdbx file in Dropbox account and location of my choosing {OK, you can do that}. b) keep my .key file in Dropbox file of my choosing {Nope. Your application doesn’t let me sync Dropbox with a key file}. c) Let me require use of BOTH password and .key file being present — JUST LIKE IN KEEPASS {Nope. You don’t do it either.}

    Why is there no offering in the market that does this (that I can find). I would be very happy to be $10 or more for this app in app store. I can’t imagine others aren’t either.

  10. very helpfull would be
    – file attachment support (files attached by KeePass / win7)
    – keyfile support compatible to KeePass
    – BoxCryptor support (file cn be selected already, but opening followed by error message)

    by the way: i am using your pro version. price is reasonable. you made a very helpfull tool! thanks!

    1. – file attachement is in my todo list
      – keyfile support already exists. Just copy the key file via iTunes sharing or via web upload to KyPass (before, rename the keyfile to database.kdb.key if your database is database.kdb)
      – boxcryptor works. Run boxcryptor on your iOS, enter in your boxcryptor folder in your dropbox and open the kdb file. You just lose the bidirectional synchronisation.

      1. I’m struggeling with getting a kdbx db (which I sync with GoogleDrive) working with a key file.

        1.) created database with keepass 2.22, using password and keyfile
        2.) synced database from keepass to googledrive
        3.) configured kypass to sync with googledrive
        4.) can see the synced db within kypass
        5.) uploaded keyfile to kypass through webinterface (name is “database.kdbx.key”
        => whenever I try to open database it comes back with an errormessage like “master-password is wrong”

        When I upload the database.kdbx via webinterface it works… only the synced one via googledrive isn’t opening…

        Any idea?

        1. Yes. In iTunes, go in the applications folder and look for the documents in KyPass. You’ll see the true name of your file.
          Actually, with google drive, filename is renamed in the Kypass’s document folder.
          You have to use this filename and add .key to the key file.

          1. Thanks! Great help…

            Had a look at the database filename that was synced to Kypass via GoogleDrive.

            Found that it got a prefix called “KyuranGoogleDrive-” added, while the displayname was still “database.kdbx”.

            Renamed the keyfile to “KyuranGoogleDrive-database.kdbx.key”.

            Uploaded it to my iPhone via Kypass-Webinterface and it was immediately after working like charm…

            Thanks for your help 🙂 !

        2. Depending on the way you sync Kypass will rename the local copy database.kdb
          So the local iPhone key file should be named database.kdb.key

  11. Open databases from different Dropbox folders and keep the files sync with Dropbox.
    Not to keep the file sync using a cloud service is nonsense.

  12. I’d like to see support for Box.com as an alternative to Google Drive & DropBox. Not essential, but a “nice to have” feature.


  13. I would like the ability to ADD and EDIT additional fields. They appear to be read only and I can’t find a way to add them in KyPass Pro. Thank you.

  14. Hi,
    I bought your app and i like it but I have a problem. As soon as I search for a password, Kypass show me all the entries in the database releted to that occurrence, even the hystorical one. In order to avoid this problem I have deleted the backup group from the original database that I was supposed was the group that store the modified entries and now from the desktop tools the history is not showed but it is still present when I use your app. Any suggestion?

  15. I’d like to see support for smb file sync. That would make it possible to share/sync the keepass files very secure at home.

  16. Hi, i couldn’t find an email adress so i will use this. But since i upgraded to KeePass-2.20.1 i cannot open my database anymore on iphone 4s and ipad 3. It crashes when opening the password database from the crypted folder in dropbox. When loading the password file and the progress bar is at its end the app freezes for a moment and then crashes so i am back at the home screen.
    I hope you can fix it.

    Bye Henri

  17. Overall, I love KyPass! 🙂

    Some purely esthetical and some more pratical issues:

    – “Add Entry” button (pen icon) does not look like a button. I initially could not find it.
    – A bug with that button is that I have to touch slightly to the left of the Pen icon, if I touch directly on icon it doesn’t work.
    – The password generator button could look nicer and be easier to spot if icon was pure white instead of dark gray on dark red. I initially could not find it.
    – I agree that a more classic font in title would look nicer and be easier to read.
    – I agree that an option to initially skip the DB file selection would be great.
    – I love the PIN feature, but think that the “?” is superfluous and is the only annoying detail that sets it apart from the iOS PIN screen.

    These are mostly small annoyances, but as I said, I overall LOVE this application and recommend it to all my friends. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  18. is webdav / smb already on road map for kypass pro? – just bought kypass because of I interpreted the commend “Webdav local server.” wrong. 😐

  19. Hi,

    It would be great if custom icons could be supported. For now, we can only see already defined icons ! Thanks !

  20. The folling enhancements would be great:

    – webdav sync
    – file attachements
    – custom icons
    – editable custom fields
    – “generate” button in password generator

  21. Can you help, please?

    – Purchased KyPass Pro
    – Installed on iPhone and iPad
    – copied database.kdbx file to /Crypted directory on Drobbox that was created by KyPass Pro
    – also copied database.kdb.key file to KyPass on iPad via iTunes
    – .kdbx /.key combination work fine on Windows PC running KeePass 2.12
    – on iOS I get the error message ‘Master Password is not correct’ continually. So KyPass Pro is currently unusable.

    What am I doing wrong??

  22. I belkev I found a bug. Is it the right place to report?
    I have a password file at GoogleDrive, Kypass installed in my Iphone and in my wife’s Iphone. When I share that file with her (does not matter if readonly, or r/w) at GoogleDrive, her Kypass crashes.

  23. Hi,

    I just purchased KyPass Pro v2.4.2 for my iPad and tried to create a database on a webdav share. I found that I can not create it, so I downloaded and installed KeePass 2.23 and created a net database on this webdav share. I can save and reopen the database with KeePass. When I try opening the database with KyPass it asks my for the Master-Password, but if I enter the one I entered with KeePass KyPass tells me that the password is incorrect. Please advice further actions.

      1. No, I don’t want to make it complicated, and therefor I decided only to use a master password; no keyfile and no Windows-Account.

      2. Hi,
        I updated to the most recent version on my iPad, but the password to open a KeePass-2-Database is still shown as incorrect. Can you please advice the next steps to troubleshot this?

          1. No, again, I don’t use keyfile. I created a new plain database with KeePass and uploaded tis to an webdav-Share. In KeePass I only assigned a password for the file: 1234. When I try to access the file with the iPad App and open it, I get the message that the password is incorrect.

          2. It was my mistake, so every thing is working like it should. When I created the WebDav-Connection, I only entered the URL and the folder name, but I missed to enter the Database file name, because I asumed that it will load all *.kdbx-files in that share. Now I entered the complete path and the App is an alternative for Moxier Walled, which I used before but they are closing the service. Thanks for you help and support.

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