KyPass Companion beta 0.1

** 2013/3/7 Check new version 0.2 at KyPass Companion v0.2 **

Apple refuse to approve KyPass Companion (problem with the sandbox).
But I know you wait for it!
Here is the KyPass Companion for Mac OS X!

This little application will allow you to have auto-fill function in your Safari browser like Lastpass or 1Password with your KeePass database(s).

Each time you go on a website with Safari, the kypass «safari addon» check in the kypass «local server» the url. If an entry contains this url, you’ll be able to complete the web form with the username/password.


  • Fills out web forms with one click.
  • Allows to use multilple Keepass database at the same time.
  • Save your master password in Apple Keychain
  • Support key file.
  • Keepass v1 AND v2 are supported.

How to use it ?

  • Run KyPass Companion and go in the preference panel. Install the plugin and be sure that the “open at startup” checkbox is checked.
  • Open a database and enjoy fills out in Safari.

Download the v0.1 beta from

4 thoughts on “KyPass Companion beta 0.1”

  1. It requires OSX 10.8!
    I hate Apps, which only working with the newest OS. Apps must be downwards compatible to the most possible extend. Why not ??

    1. I could support 10.7 (from the next beta).
      KyPass is primary made with a iCloud support and iCloud support need 10.7.

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