I’m a big fan of Evernote.

I’m using it every day to handle my time: I have a “to do” notebook in which I put all my things to do.

I would like to be able to convert a email to a “to do” note.

Actually, I have some solutions:

  • Drag and drop the email to Evernote. Worse solution. Just a .eml embedded in a note and no sender and creation date information.
  • Print the email with the virtual printer “PDF to Evernote”. The note is good looking but I lost the ability to edit the note and I lost the sender and creation date information.
  • Forward the email to my Evernote email adress. I could edit the note but… I also lost the sender and creation date information

It exists another solution with an AppleScript on veritrope but it’s so complicated.

Thus, as a developer, I’ve developed my own solution:

logoDropCircle is the easiest and best way to insert files, large and small, into your Evernote account.

To upload a file to Evernote with DropCircle, just drag it to the DropCircle icon.

If it’s an html file (or Safari link), a true Evernote not will be created with all the images embedded in the note.
Same things for mail. Simply drag and drop a mail for mail.app or from exchange and you’ll have a good looking note in place of the .eml file created by the Evernote application.
You want to backup your wordpress blog (or any other blog supporting rss) ? Just drag and drop the rss file with all the articles to DropCircle. DropCircle create a note for each post with all images embedded and with correct timestamp.

Currently, DropCircle supports:

  • .eml files
  • atom/rss files
  • html files
  • all other files are added as resource in a new note.

Do you want more export method ? Contact us…

DropCircle beta is avalaible for free at http://bit.ly/15WaTWo.

5 thoughts on “DropCircle”

  1. I’m getting a Conflicted Database Error message that appears as multiple copies of the one database. What’s going on.

    I am using Dropbox.

    Not sure what I’m doing or not doing

  2. Hi,

    first thanks for tackling such a long neglected Evernote problem. I really like where you are going with your product, but there are some things that could be improved.

    1. I would prefer the note to open immediately in Evernote Desktop (like the Postbox app does it). Then I could immediately rename the note (very often, since I prefix the mail title with an action command) and assign tags and notebook. I also would like to do this immediately if possible and not need to resync the EN client and open the inbox to get the messages.

    2. Since I use Mail as well as EN in Fullscreen Mode most of the times, I highly suggest you get rid (or allow to hide it) of the floating icon and use either a menubar / dock icon as drop targets and/or allow keyboard shortcuts (especially in mail since the mail is already selected).

    My preferred workflow would be (in Mail).
    1. Select email in Mail app
    2. press a keyboard shortcut
    3. Newly created Evernote note opens in Evernote
    4. I can assign notebook, tags and change the note in Evernote editor.

    Thanks for your work.

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