KyPass v4.2

V4.2 was sent today.

A lot of improvement in this version !

You ask us OneDrive support on Facebook. You have it ! Next version will have (if enough people ask for it). Some change are made for iPhone X.

If you don’t be afraid by betas, you could change the color scheme too.

The exhaustive list of improvement is :

  • OneDrive is now supported as cloud provider
  • Display information instead of Empty screens in file view, group view & entry view
  • Template edition could be choosing for an entry
  • Add folder name in file list (if cloud provider has more than one folder in configuration)
  • New share entry button
  • Logging system to help developer to improve KyPass
  • Add OTP key support from the plugin KeeOTP
  • When adding an additional field, you could now choose one of the already used fields
  • Hide folder if cloud provider is off in configuration
  • Dropbox: sync now works with database in the root folder.
  • Fix copy/paste in ssh
  • Add reset theme in iOS preferences main page
  • Color scheme designer (beta)
  • Night theme (beta)
  • iPhone X notch support
  • Added contact form
  • New webdav username/password bug fixed
  • Webdav file are not erased when offline
  • Flat icon in entry list

KyPass v4.1.1

KyPass v4.1.1 was released this morning.

A lof of change for this version:

  • Fixed a crash in search panel with entry that have no username
  • Capture QR Code now save database immediately
  • Fixed bug in the tools menu
  • Added option to clear search at start
  • Expiration date could be modified
  • Attachments could be added/deleted
  • Database is not reloaded anymore after uploading
  • Fix dropbox folder in configuration
  • Google Drive: Hide trashed file
  • Google Drive: Erase local file if deleted on server
  • Google Drive: Display modification date from server
  • Webdav: Erase local file if deleted on server
  • iCloud Files are now shown in browser extension
  • Move Key Files to its own section in the file list
  • New duplicate entry menu
  • Dropbox: Migrate to new the official API v2 (verify if you need to make a new connection ?)
  • Dropbox: Removing a folder from the list of Sync folders remove the files
  • Fix some font in the entry view
  • Modified date to relative
  • Removed ASIHTTPRequest dependency. Fix some WebDAV problem with SSL.
  • Fix key file with that are 64 bytes long without hexadecimal content
  • VNC: enabled server to client clipboard
  • Key file could be used with any cloud provider
  • Folder selection in cloud provider
  • Fixed the copy comments bug.

PS. Some people have a crash when they start this new version. Just delete KyPass and reinstall it. The whole Synchro process was remade. Begin from a fresh installation will help

PS2. Great features will be added in v4.2. Follow us on Facebook for more information (and we need you to set a course of action for this upcoming release)