KyPass v4.2

V4.2 was sent today.

A lot of improvement in this version !

You ask us OneDrive support on Facebook. You have it ! Next version will have (if enough people ask for it). Some change are made for iPhone X.

If you don’t be afraid by betas, you could change the color scheme too.

The exhaustive list of improvement is :

  • OneDrive is now supported as cloud provider
  • Display information instead of Empty screens in file view, group view & entry view
  • Template edition could be choosing for an entry
  • Add folder name in file list (if cloud provider has more than one folder in configuration)
  • New share entry button
  • Logging system to help developer to improve KyPass
  • Add OTP key support from the plugin KeeOTP
  • When adding an additional field, you could now choose one of the already used fields
  • Hide folder if cloud provider is off in configuration
  • Dropbox: sync now works with database in the root folder.
  • Fix copy/paste in ssh
  • Add reset theme in iOS preferences main page
  • Color scheme designer (beta)
  • Night theme (beta)
  • iPhone X notch support
  • Added contact form
  • New webdav username/password bug fixed
  • Webdav file are not erased when offline
  • Flat icon in entry list

6 thoughts on “KyPass v4.2”

  1. I just bought the App because of the Onedrive support. Finally a Keepass app with this feature bye bye minikeepass 🙂

    After a quick test i have 2 Feature requests.

    1) I tested a scenario where my wife and i use the same Keepass DB. She normally accesses this file because i shared a onedrive folder from my account with here onedrive accoutn.
    But when she logs in with her Onedrive account she only sees her own folder not the shared folders. I known the Onedrive API makes it possible to show these folder also.

    For now i just logged in with my credentials in her Kypass app.
    But could you maybe add this to the Feature request list?

    2) I have my personal keepass file in my personal onedrive account. But i also have a bussines Onedrive account.
    In the current implementation its nog possible to add a second account.
    Of course if point 1 above would be made possible i could also share these folders with my personal onedrive account and access the business KDBX files that way.

  2. Interesting update. I can’t find the option to set everything to the iOS system font. Night theme is a nice change, as a request, how about a black theme for the AMOLED iPhone X? (I’m playing with the custom theme options now but it might be better to flick a switch and have everything black?)

  3. OneDrive professional not supported ! I was waiting for OneDrive support as my Company anly allows OneDrive as cloud synchronization provider. I am anyway not able to access my Keepass Corporate DataBase as I am not able to login to my OneDrive Profesional account with Kypass 4.2 …
    Disappointed !

  4. Great app. Thanks.
    There is a problem with Dropbox syncing and keepass.
    Using the Keepass recommended synchronisation process on a pc it seems to be impossible to delete items in Kypass as they are restored by the Keepass sync when accessing the file.
    Delete entry on kypass
    Deletion propagates to file in Dropbox and deletion is confirmed when accessing file from pc.
    Open Keepass on pc ( local copy) ( still has deleted entry)
    Keepass synchronisation with Dropbox file.
    Deleted entry is back in Dropbox file.
    All other changes sync correctly it is only deletions that seem to have this problem.
    Is it related to the deletedobject parameter not being present in the kypass version?

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