KyPass v4.1.1

KyPass v4.1.1 was released this morning.

A lof of change for this version:

  • Fixed a crash in search panel with entry that have no username
  • Capture QR Code now save database immediately
  • Fixed bug in the tools menu
  • Added option to clear search at start
  • Expiration date could be modified
  • Attachments could be added/deleted
  • Database is not reloaded anymore after uploading
  • Fix dropbox folder in configuration
  • Google Drive: Hide trashed file
  • Google Drive: Erase local file if deleted on server
  • Google Drive: Display modification date from server
  • Webdav: Erase local file if deleted on server
  • iCloud Files are now shown in browser extension
  • Move Key Files to its own section in the file list
  • New duplicate entry menu
  • Dropbox: Migrate to new the official API v2 (verify if you need to make a new connection ?)
  • Dropbox: Removing a folder from the list of Sync folders remove the files
  • Fix some font in the entry view
  • Modified date to relative
  • Removed ASIHTTPRequest dependency. Fix some WebDAV problem with SSL.
  • Fix key file with that are 64 bytes long without hexadecimal content
  • VNC: enabled server to client clipboard
  • Key file could be used with any cloud provider
  • Folder selection in cloud provider
  • Fixed the copy comments bug.

PS. Some people have a crash when they start this new version. Just delete KyPass and reinstall it. The whole Synchro process was remade. Begin from a fresh installation will help

PS2. Great features will be added in v4.2. Follow us on Facebook for more information (and we need you to set a course of action for this upcoming release)

28 thoughts on “KyPass v4.1.1”

  1. This fixed my search issue. Thanks for providing a great application that I have used for years. It’s why I continue to support you financially with each version that comes.

  2. Can’t open any database in the updated version. Running the beta 11.1 Beta 4. I get a complete crash of your application.

  3. Took an uninstall, a crash, the database doubled, finally worked. There is definitely a problem worth looking into. I shouldn’t have to uninstall. I absolutely depend on this application and without the trust that it will be rock solid…

    1. It’s due to the new synchronisation library.
      There are an huge difference between 4.1 and 4.1.1.
      The library have totally reworked to prepare to new could provider.
      OneDrive, SFTP will arrive soon.

  4. The desktop OTP plugin use a « otp » field for the secret key. Could KyPass use the same field to avoid duplicate field management ?

  5. Hi,
    Just a small question – after a new installation of 4.1.1 on my iPad pro 10.2“ I cannot import the key file anymore. In the last version the import by Goodreader and ICloud (share file with kypass app) was no problem, but now neither way works.
    Is there a way that the import works – if not Kypass is quite useless (unfortunately), because I need the two factor auth.

      1. That was the bug…. but I personally would appreciate to allow any file.
        Thanks for helping out. Is it possible to give advice in the kypass app directly, that only .key files are accepted. Would be (especially for poeple like me) a great feature

        1. You are right: help in the application is needed..
          I synchronize only .key because more and more people synchronize keyfile via a cloud provider. And I don’t want to synchronize all file in the folder they select.
          For people that import via Goodreader, I understand that it could be a problem 🙁

    1. That’s concerning. Are you stopping development after v4? What about the inevitable bug fixes? These will be all v4.x? I’m sure there’s going to be teething issues with the X.

      1. Stopping development ? Why ?
        No. 4.2 will be released next week (with notch support for iPhone X, onedrive sync and color theme)

  6. I use KYPASS 4 on my iPhone, and I also use KEEPASS on my PC with a different database. It could be convenient on occasion if there were a way for me to display on the PC a QR code that KYPASS 4 can interpret. Is there a plug available for KEEPASS to do this?

    1. I’m not a Windows developer.
      But QR code used by KyPass is very easy. Just read one created by the iOS application and you could create it with any other QR code application

  7. I love KyPass 4 (since switching from Spb Wallet to work with iOS 11)! Unfortunately latest v4.1.1 crashes immediately on my new iPhone X (previous version worked fine). Please fix as soon as possible… thanks!

    1. Never mind… I just saw the 4.1.1 release note that “Some people have a crash when they start this new version. Just delete KyPass and reinstall it.” Doing that fixed the problem. Thanks for your great software.

  8. I want to upload a keepass-backup via kypass 4 web upload/download. I can choose the database file and the according filename is displayed. After hitting the “submit” button the filename will be deleted and that’s all. Nothing is imported. Please repair this soon or give any feedback to this issue.

  9. Got the version today, since it has dropbox API 2 support. However does not load / run on iOS 11.1.1 / iPhone 7. delete reinstall not helping.

    1. What’s the bug ? You don’t see dropbox files ? Could you do a video of what you thing (with the ios11 Red button on the home screen). Thanks

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