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4 thoughts on “Dropbox sync is fixed

  • O. Nagel

    I have a big problem with my kdbx-files. KypassV3 on my iphone6plus, ios11, can open the kdbx-file, but the windows-keepass-software can not open the kdbx-file because it means the file is corrupted. The repair in keepass is not possible. I have now installed kypassv4 on my iPad (ios11) – but also crash when open a copy of this kdbx-file from dropbox. Can i export the data from kypassv3? Can you help me?

  • Peri

    Dropbox sync is NOT fixed. I still get “bad email or password” on my iPhone even though I am logged into Dropbox on the phone already with the exact same email and password.

  • Owen Lavin

    i had to upgrade to kypass 4 (apple made me do it) i get the message “copy *.kdb(x) into /cripted on dropbox, but several files are there with this extension. I realize now i am extremely vulnerable to this software and am looking for a way out, but this has stopped me dead. oct 20, 2017

    • redbug Post author

      You have to make your dropbox link again. Go in the folder settings (where all the coud provider are) and check the dropbox button.