Dropbox is not working anymore on KyPass (3 & 4). We investigate.

It seems that Dropbox v1 support has been retired yesterday.

We’ve contacted Dropbox to give us access back to v1 until migration to the v2.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

6 thoughts on “Dropbox”

  1. Hi There, Dropbox sync still does not work it simply keeps saying bad password even when you enter the right password

      1. It only works if you do not have two factor authentication on you drop box.
        I had to remove two factor authentication and. Then sync to Dropbox

        1. Next version will be linked with Dropbox API v2 that have two factor authentification.
          ETA: End of this week 🙂

          1. This is not true. I don’t have 2-factor authentication enabled and I still get the bad email or password notice, even though my iPhone is logged into Dropbox on the same phone. Is there a workaround?

          2. Many users use it with dropbox.
            I don’t understand your problem.
            Bad email or password message don’t come from KyPass but from Dropbox.

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