KyPass 4

KyPass 4 is available!

This version has been designed to be able to replace the desktop version and many improvements have been added compared to the previous version:

  • Split screen and tree view (especially on iPad)
  • Full History Support (Viewing and Maintaining Input History)
  • Total support of the trash
  • Support of references on all fields
  • Remote access (ssh and vnc first. RDP, telnet in a future release)
  • Password generator with advanced features such as avoiding similar characters
  • More here…

In addition to this, it still has the functionality of previous versions:

  • Cloud support (best way to keep multiple devices in sync with the same information): iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Webdav
  • KDBX4 format support (Introduced with Keepass 2.35)
  • Support for external keyboard
  • Touch-ID support (and Face-ID on iPhone X) or PIN code: the password of the database can be saved on the iOS keychain so as not to have to enter long passwords
  • One Time Passwords
  • Exchange of bar code entries
  • Automatic log in all the following applications

This is the first version of KyPass redesigned by targeting the iPad. It wants to get as close as possible to the desktop version of KyPass.

KyPass 4 is available at an introductory price of 5.49 € and will be available on the AppStore

Database properties
Action extension
File list
Entry edition
Internal SSH (iPhone)
Internal SSH (iPad)
Entry edition
Search panel
File list

95 thoughts on “KyPass 4”

  1. Hi Kyuran,

    I have bought Kypass v4 and I have a question about Webdav. I have a clean database name for my database (database.kdbx). I set up the webdav connection but some random string of letters and numbers is appended in front of the filename. These letters are not in the name itself when I check it. This issue was already in Kypass v3 and had hoped it was gone in V4 but it’s still happening. Can we look into solving this because I would really like to keep using Kypass V4.

    Best regards,


  2. I purchased version 4 last night, but I’m having no luck opening my KDB4 database. I can link to Dropbox fine and see the actual database listed, but every time I try to login I get “master password incorrect”. I’ve tripled checked I’m entering the password correctly so I know that’s not the issue. My master password is over 30 characters so maybe that’s an issue? It also contains spaces.

    I’m also not 100% certain where I can import my keyfile from, the only options I see for keyfile are “none” and “library”.

    Any advice?

    1. You have to import your key feline via the embedded web server (file/add/send from your computer) and select the key file

  3. Hi,

    since this is the only way to contact you without rating the app (which i dont want yet) or to use Facebook (which i dont use):

    V4 is instantly crashing after my Dropbox based kdbx is loaded.

    Any ideas?

    1. It’s hard to explain this error without more information.
      Could you try to reproduce the error with a clean database in v4 (with no sensitive information I mean) and send me this database ?

      1. One thing I noticed that will crash the app is adding a different folder for Dropbox other than “Crypted”, and then removing the “Crypted” option. This will crash the app every time for me.

    2. You can also, send the key file by mail and do an “open in” and select Kypass. This will also import the key. Or what I do, use a file Manager to take the key file with you (in my eyes i use Goodreader to store it locally on the device)

  4. I can’t seem to get the “Search in KyPass” Activity to work in v4. In Safari I enabled and clicked the activity. It correctly searches and shows the results. However, when I click the result it insta-closes KyPass without putting anything on the clipboard or giving me any options like choosing what I want on the clipboard or even just viewing the entry.

      1. Thank you but that is not the bug I have experienced. My test case was an entry that has username, password and website all filled in. Additionally, search works just fine. It only crashes when I click on the entry after a search triggered by a safari activity. The same search not triggered by an activity works just fine.

          1. Sure. Here is a clean db created in KyPass 4 with a single entry that exhibits the behavior on my phone. ( the database password is “password”

            Also, in creating this example I discovered that if you have a db in Dropbox and one locally. The activity only allows you to open the one in Dropbox. The local one is simply not an option to open.

            If it helps I’m on iOS 11.0.1 (and originally saw the behavior on iOS 11.0).

          2. I could reproduce your bug 🙁
            Could you record your screen (there is a new screen record button with ios11) and send it to me.
            Sorry for asking your a lot

            (Dropbox use the same filename than local, thus filename have to be uniqued between dropbox & local)

          3. The filename was unique. Completely different filenames between the Dropbox file and the local file. So, I don’t think that was it.

            Which behavior did you want me to screen record? The local file not appearing bug or the safari crash?

          4. I mean the safari bug 🙂
            But this one is also interesting but already fixed in the next Beta :))))

          5. Would you be willing to add a hard press or long press option that presents a menu with copy username and copy password as a workaround to crazy sites like this?

          6. You could already use the internal browser. Go to entry, export, open in the internal browser for website like this.
            I’m still looking why your website doesn’t accept automatic fill.

  5. How can I remove the file name for each record? All of the characters overlap and are impossible to read.

    I can i remove the duplicate entries???

    So far Kypass 3 is not as good as original version

    1. Because last version is already 4 years old and developer needs money to live.
      If I don’t do that, I have to develop something else that KyPass 🙁

  6. I’ve used the last KyPass-Version on my iPhone 6 without any problems. After updating my IPhone to iOS 11 nothing happens.
    But before I send a file-copy to my mail account for safety reason.
    Now I’ve bought the V4 with my IPad Pro and tried to import the mailed file to this new version – nothing happens again.
    The App obviously found the database whilst opening it directly out of the email (attachment)
    Did I made a mistake or what is wrong?
    I’ve only a password – no pin or something else. What is the problem ?
    I don’t want to buy the new version for my iPhone as well, without any success!

    Who might help me ! It’s quite URGENT !!!


  7. Another crash report here. When opening my database on my iPad Pro and selecting the search icon that appears under the right side pane, after the search window comes up the app will crash almost every time.

  8. Hi,
    I am using googledrive with V3. In V4 the option for googledrive and dropbox is not selectable – only icloud can by switched on.
    How can I get access to my database on googledrive and get it synced via googledrive since I use Kypass on multiple devices (ipad pro, iphone, windows notebook….).

  9. Hi,

    i’ve upgraded to v4, but now my database (kdbx v3.1 file, synced via iCloud) can’t be opened. I sent the KeyFile via iTunes and the embedded web server, always getting the “wrong password” error. I tripple checked everything -without success.

    Any ideas?

  10. Why is there is no option to browse for a local file?

    I do not want to use DropBox, Google Drive, or any other cloud provider because I have that handled by my local LAN using Synology DiskStation Cloud Sync.

    What is the process for receiving a refund. Unfortunately this solution will not work for me.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    1. You could use WebDAV sync with your Synology (it’s what I do)
      Samba is not yet handled as I don’t have find a good solution yet.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. 🙂

        Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out how to do that and ended up going a different route.

        I would appreciate the refund if you’re able to do that as I do not currently have a use for the app. My appleid is the same as my email.

        Thanks for considering my request.

  11. I have uninstalled my old v3, added my keyfile to the new KyPass’s files via iTunes successfully. Then I connected to Dropbox (logging in, two-factor authentication seems to have worked, too), and I’m using the default Crypted folder just like before. The “Use Dropbox” slider is active, but my Dropbox files don’t appear in the file list (not even the Dropbox section heading). All I see is my keyfile under the section heading “Local”. This used to work perfectly in v3. Force-qutting the app and restarting didn’t help.

    I also tried turning Use Dropbox off and on again, re-authorized with both password and 2FA code, no change. I’m not getting a confirmation message that connection to Dropbox did succeed, but I’m not getting an error message either. I’m simply returned to the “Use Dropbox” screen where the slider is now on. When I go back to the main screen, nothing has changed. I’ve already tried “Reset synchronization”, no change there either.

    What should I do now?

    1. Fixed since 1PM GMT. Dropbox have removed their access to v1 library. We work with them to recover the access. It’s now working again. Sorry for the inconvenience

      1. Excellent. I was surprised this morning to find it working – one of the rare cases of “I didn’t change anything” that led to something spontaneously fixing itself… I checked the update history to see if KyPass had been updated, but since that wasn’t the case, I was baffled. Wouldn’t have thought that Dropbox itself has changed 🙂

  12. Hey there,

    is it just me or is the automagic use of a kdbx file in the Crypted folder on Dropbox not working?
    The Dropbox account is linked, the kdbx file is copied into the folder but it still says it cannot find anything.

    Exporting the file from Dropbox and using it as local file works but the Dropbox support was basically the only reason I spent 5 bucks on the app in the first place.

    iPhone 6, iOS 11


    1. Fixed since 1PM GMT. Dropbox have removed their access to v1 library. We work with them to recover the access. It’s now working again. Sorry for the inconvenience

  13. Is anyone else having problems using long keyfiles with v4? If I create a new kdbx file with a short key file (i.e. keyfile containing only the word “test”) it works fine, but if I create a kdbx file using a long keyfile (64 random characters), I always receive a wrong password message. Using Minikeepass, I can open kdbx files that use long or short keyfiles.


      1. Yes, I can open the databases in KeePass v2.36. I can send you both databases and keyfiles. Can I send them via email? I am not sure how to attach files to the discussion.


      1. Ah. I know I shouldn’t pester a dev for eta’s but this is an important issue for me and the reason I purchased your application. Will we see this update before years end adding this functionality?

        1. Before end of next month 🙂
          But I don’t see why it blocking for you ? You could create keepass database v4 from the official software on Windows.

  14. Hello,
    does the external Keyboard Support mean that i can use my yubikey otp Generator ?
    I have a USB iPad Adapter, and The code Generation is working in Text fields.
    But i didnt find an keepass App, which could Open my Database which The otp Generator as Second factor yet….

    1. Nope.
      You could just use a bluetooth keyboard.
      I don’t have yet a yubikey and I don’t know how I could integrate it.

  15. hi,
    I bought Kypass 4 and I love it but I don´t know why it´s all in French!
    I am fluent in French but I´d rather have it in English or Spanish.
    How can I change the default language?

      1. Solved! Thanks for the tip. Indeed I had French before English in the preferred list.

        Since today I’m having a crash in the app very often. When I do a search and start typing the app crashes

          1. It will be fixed in the next release. The bug appears with one of your entries (keepasshttp entry) that have an empty username.
            Just put something in this field and the search will work again.

          2. search crashes for me every single time as well.

            I have 427 entries. I added a username for the blank entries and found one that had a space before the username. Still crashes. First time in years that the app hasn’t been rock solid for me. I miss it!

  16. Hi support team,

    I just bought Kypass4. I use the webdav sync.
    I like to start kypass4 with a default database and not getting a list of the files where I have to select manually a database file.
    What I am doing wrong?

    Error description:
    As long I only use the path without specifying a dedicated kdbx database file I retrieve all available files of the given directory. When I specify a dedicated database file I get the as „Test result“ the following message: „Server reachable
    Error: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
    Error: Answer is not a xml content“

    „“ works without any issue.
    „“ will result in described issue.

    Note: Same issue I am having when I am using my Synology NAS
    I am using it on IOS11.0.2 with an IPAD AIR and as well with an Iphone 6 and 7

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Webdav sync actually works with a folder.
      Thus, all your kdb(x) files in this folder will be synchronized (and only the kdb(x) files)

  17. I’m a long time paying user. I have my keepass database in Google Drive. I have had the following problem for ages:
    When I try to choose which database to open in Google Drive, I am presented with a long list of alternatives. Most of them seem to have names indicating that they are old databases that I have already erased from Google Drive (even though all have the same date).
    Even worse, when I look for the database with the correct name, I find *four* databases with identical name and date.
    Even worse, it seems that regardless of which database I choose, I get an old version of the database, which lacks the latest changes I have made.
    I have tried “Reset synchornization” many times. It does seem to temporarily clear the list of databases, but then it comes back.
    Are you using some feature of Google Drive to fetch all versions of a file?
    Kypass is the only client that have these problems. The original keepass.exe works fine, as does KeeWeb. But since I store the KeePass database in Google Drive, Kypass is pretty much my only alternative on iOS.

  18. Two comments:

    – Signing up to this web site asked me to login using an unsecured HTTP connection rather than redirecting the login to an HTTPS connection. If you go to your web site using HTTPS, Chrome complains about some resources are trying to be downloaded using unsecured connections.

    – I have just got KyPass 4. I store my KDBX files on a WebDAV share that is not available on the Internet. Using VPN on my phone, I can open these files.

    I now need to get the key files on to the phone again. If I turn on VPN and start the built-in web server, I can access the KyPass 4 web server using the VPN private IP address (from a machine on the private network) and port number although the pop-up dialog box only shows the local IP address of the phone.

    However, if I select a file and try to upload it, it fails. I will take some Wireshark traces to see if it is the browser of the KyPass web server that is failing the connection.

    1. The post looks ok to me (I have removed my specific data). It appears to come back with the same web page but the file is not uploded. Maybe the content type is confusing it?

      POST / HTTP/1.1
      Host: 192.168.#.#:#####
      User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0
      Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
      Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5
      Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
      Referer: http://192.168.#.#:#####/
      DNT: 1
      Connection: keep-alive
      Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1
      Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=—————————1983562648613501170237820026
      Content-Length: 509

      Content-Disposition: form-data; name=”file”; filename=”ddd.key”
      Content-Type: application/pgp-keys


      Content-Disposition: form-data; name=”button”


      HTTP/1.1 200 OK
      Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 09:28:39 GMT

    2. – Thanks, I’ll fix this problem with my provider.
      – For the second, problem, IP problem is fixed. But I don’t see why your key file are not uploaded. I’ll try with Firefox on Linux to be in the same configuration as you.

      1. Getting back to this today, I quit KyPass fully and restarted. The .key files I tied to upload are now showing in the interface.

        So the upload must have worked but unlike in KyPass 3, the web page did not indicate that the file was uploaded, it just went back to the initial upload web page.

        When looking at the details for the key files, the dates are all exactly the same down to the second, and not the dates when the files where uploaded. So maybe the uploaded files did not register until a restart of KyPass. I had not changed any settings before trying the upload. I had also not used iCloud for files or backups in KyPass 3. I did not turn off the default enabled iCloud setting in KyPass 4. Maybe it was trying to use iCloud to store the files but the initialisation had not completed? I don’t want to use iCloud for backups or file storage so I have since turned those off.

  19. I purchased Kypass 4 on my iPhone 6. Do I need to purchase again to use KP 4 on my iPad? Or is there a way to download v4 free of charge?

    1. No. It’s free of charge if you use the same account.
      Just download if from your iPad. You’ll receive a message from Apple to say it’s free.

  20. Sync with webdav is not possible. The adress can not be saved (after saving exemplaren stays saved)
    The app crashes when I want to edit the adress in webdav

    Problems are in version 3 And 4.

    Pletsen fix it

    Best regards,

      1. Yes. Even in the last version (update)
        I have reinstalled the app (yesterday) on my iPhone 6 and IPad air. On both devices the same problem. I use webdav for a Synology NAS DS214 and BOX cloud.

        1. Could you send me a video (new record button in the today screen) or another informations that could help to fix this problem ?
          Thanks a lot.

  21. I use Kypass 4 on my iPhone 6+ with iOS 11.0.3. I try to use the iCloud sync but don’t get an Kypass Folder there to put my kdbx file in. I turn the option on/off and reinstalled the app without success. Then I made the folder “Kypass” manually and put the database in, but it won’t be recognized by the app.

    1. KyPass Companion is needed on your Mac to have this folder.
      As workaround, you could create a new database in KyPass on your iPhone and check the iCloud box. That will create an empty database in a new KyPass folder that will be available on and on your Mac.

  22. I bought version 4 for my iPad. Can I download V4 on my iPhone for free or do I have to pay again?

    Best Regards, Wolfgang

    1. It’s free. Just press the “buy” button on your iPhone and it will give you a message saying “it’s free” (if you use the same appleid :))

  23. Hi,
    I bought the App with my IPad and would like to use it on my IPhone as well. Unfortunately it does not show the free Download, but wants me to pay again… is this intentionally or a bug?
    Thanks Wolfram

    1. Apple bug. Once an application is bought, it’s available for free on all your device.
      Just press the buy button and it will give you a message like ‘you have already bought it’

  24. Hi, I purchased Kypass version 5.3 for my new iPhone. I also have kypass on my MacBookPro and iPad. Previously, I was able to sync the keepass file through Dropbox, and then when that stopped working I airdropped it, but I haven’t been able to do sync the file for months. I played with the settings in KyPass and Dropbox and spent hours online trying to find advice for how to sync the file but nothing has worked. Could you please give step-by-step instructions for how to sync the keepass file or check if there is some bug?

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