One thought on “Xmas contest”

  1. Hi, I am a long time user os the OX S version, and I have some Requests:
    1. Please support YubiKey (There is a plug-in for KeePassX called KeeChallenge)
    This way, nobody can copy the Key file like they can with regular USB memory. If you need one to test on, maybe I can buy one for you. (There is also an NFC version that may work with iPhone.. I don’t know much about that).
    2. It would be great if you could support Resilio Sync or Synology Drive for storage. (Both are remote storage not using the cloud providers, so security minded people tend to use them). I can give you an account on either for testing.
    3. If you are willing to have Japanese translation, let me know, I can translate for you.

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