Thanks (and happy new year)

KyPass v4 is 4 months old and you love it !

KyPass 4 Ratings

4.4 out of 5!

We have still some 1 star. For these people: contact us! We’ll do all we can to make you happy.

Here are some of your lovely comments:

Excellent – ★★★★★
by ElmdaleArtist1953 – Dec 6, 2017
Been waiting for an app like this for a long time. Allows synch across multiple devices using One Drive. At last I have easy access to my keepass database on iOS.

Best KeePass client for iOS. – ★★★★★
by acascianelli – Edited Nov 30, 2017
Loved the old version and am enjoying this new version even more. Really happy to see OpenSSH support

Just what I needed – ★★★★★
by Ajrbruce – Nov 4, 2017
The only password app I could find which allows me to keep a keepass file synced between multiple devices using a choice Cloud file stores.

It does what it needs to do…. – ★★★★
by YankeeBoBo – Oct 25, 2017
I have read other reviews, and personally rarely write reviews. However, having used 1Password, and tested others, I was seeking a way to painlessly “sync” my keepass data from one device to the next. KyPass has solved the issue of copying the data manually, and has done that part well across what it does support. Yes, the UI coloring is stale – but frankly I would rather a functioning app that’s also dependable and reliable. Yes this version is a fee. But frankly, everyone putting in time needs to supplement their time. Most apps will release incremental updates for free while major is another fee. But if you are paying to have someone else control your data (encrypted or not), then you are already paying more. (Or not factoring in security). KyPass does what it’s supposed to do, what I NEEDED it to do, and I look forward to see how it gets polished. less

Expensive but much better than previous versions – ★★★★★
by MicksMac – Dec 12, 2017
This time DropBox syncing actually works reliably, unlike versions 3 and 2 which were rubbish. Now that the developer is charging us so much it is to be hoped that he will respond to support requests. He didn’t in the past. Update: I’ve used this version a lot now. It is very very good and gives me a seamless experience with the popular Mac app. I’m upping my rating.

Great reliable app – 1 suggestion for improvement – ★★★★
by 479654-evgfuk – Oct 21, 2017
I use this app to manage 4 different key files and this app works amazingly better than the free versions of passdrop that I had before. For those complaining about the price of upgrading to the new version, stop whining. Last pass is WAY more expensive, and I don’t mind paying this developer a few dollars every couple years if it means he will continue developing and supporting this app. Nothing is worse than the developer abandoning an app that you love and eventually it can’t be used anymore. I sync my 4 key files from 4 different Dropbox folders including 2 different Dropbox accounts. One of my key files has hundreds of entries, and the app handles it without any problem. There is one feature with the new version that I do not like, and would like it changed back. I don’t like how all groups are automatically expanded. When I need to reach an entry which appears alphabetically at the bottom of my list, I have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll, seemingly forever until I reach the entry. It was much more efficient when I could tap into a group and it would expand. I understand why some users would like everything to be expanded, so how about making both options available?

Finally! – ★★★★★
by mrworm – Sep 28, 2017
I wanted a password program that was cheap, easy to use and if I was lucky would accept my android keepass database. This does all that and it automatically syncs with my drop box. I have no clue why people are you buying this instead of the other programs such that don’t have half the options.

5 thoughts on “Thanks (and happy new year)”

  1. I can’t find a support email address (only Facebook, which I don’t use), so I figured I would ask here.

    Is there anyway to change what Dropbox folder Kypass uses? It uses “Crypted” by default, and I can’t figure out how to change it. When I tap it, it just highlights in purple and nothing happens.

    1. When you are in the cloud menu, press the modify button (at the upper right) and click on the folder or on the “add a folder” link to change the folder. (if you have kypass v4)

      1. Thank you, that did it for me.

        I’m really liking Kypass so far. I came over from Lastpass and I really don’t miss it.

  2. I just brought KyPass v4 due to the iCloud support. How can I open an existing iCloud database on a second device? The KyPass doesn’t show the database in the iCloud. KyPass is always saying, that no database is there even if I can see the database in iOS-Files.

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