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Lot of time without news from us.

Last iOS version (v4.3.0) of KyPass is already 1 month old and I forget to talk about it.

In this version,
OneDrive Enterprise support was added. You could now use KyPass with your business O365 account. The shared folders are also supported.
There are also some new beta features like “hide expired entries” or “backup database after each change”. Don’t forget to see these beta features: Some could be removed if I don’t have any return about it 🙂

New version v4.3.1 will be released in a few days.
We listen to you: expandable tree view will be available for groups.
You could also import a bar code (or a QR code) in any field
Many other bug were fixed (see release notes)

2 thoughts on “Some news”

  1. Having an issue with Kypass 4. I’m in Safari. I try to use integration. It pops up for TouchID and then loads Kypass, but the on screen keyboard never pops up to let me edit the search criteria.

  2. I am sorry, I am having trouble getting KyPass 4 working with iCloud syncing. Here is my scenario and what I have tried:

    – We have 2 PCs running KeePass 2.x, with the .kbdx file on the iCloud drive (both PCs use the same AppleID). The syncing between the PCs and iCloud drive is working fine.
    – iPhone 6s (iOS 11.4) running KyPass 4, just downloaded today (6/7/18)
    – If I create a new test.kbdx file in in KyPass 4, it seems to create the file in a folder called KyPass and this folder and file are visible in the FIles app on the phone. However, it does not seem to be syncing up to the cloud. I cannot see the folder or file in or on the “local” iCloud folders on the 2 PCs.
    – Conversely, if I create a folder called KyPass on the iCloud drive from either or either of the PCs and place a KeePass .kbdx file in it, while it shows up on the phone in the Files app, it is not visible to KyPass.

    What am I doing wrong?

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