KyPass Companion v1.3 on the way

KyPass Companion v1.3 was sent to Apple today.

Here are the changes:

  • added view password button in ‘Master Password’ form.
  • icon of groups are editable.
  • shortcut ⌘L to lock database
  • resizable sidebar.
  • new powerful filter
  • (bug fix) modification & access date are now correct with kdbx.
  • (bug fix) fix in-memory protection field bug when the database is saved twice in the same session.
  • (bug fix) key file settings is now supported when using ‘save password in keychain’
  • (bug fix) fixed auto-lock when it’s disabled.
  • (bug fix) fix keepasshttp & quick list bug when ‘save password in keychain’ is checked.
  • (bug fix) fix second-level domains like,, …
  • (bug fix) remove 0 length attachment

Just a few days to wait 🙂

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