WIP – KyPass Companion v1.5

A little screenshot on the WIP KyPass Companion 1.5.

The new features will be:

  • Finally a true tree view in the sidebar.
  • Save your preferred filter in shortcuts.
  • Save your preferred entries in favorites.
  • New columns (password bits, modification, expiration & creation date) also available in search filter.
  • And many bug fixes


Still some little things to add… Deadline: end of next week!

6 thoughts on “WIP – KyPass Companion v1.5”

  1. Hi! I’ve just bought and installed v1.5 and created a new database file. I filled it out with some records, saved the file several times and closed the application. When I’ve just launched the application again I found after typing the password and pressing the OK button that nothing happens. When I type a wrong password I got the Invalid password message, when I type the good password nothing happens.. could you please advise me something how to solve this issue? Thanks!

  2. Hi All,

    not sure where exactly to put this feedback. We purchased KyPass Companion for MacOS which works quite fine.
    We run into one bug with some comments in entries. Those show in the Entries overview. However, if you view a single entry the comment does not show. Not clear why. The comments display correctly using KeePass on Windows or MiniKeyPass on the iPhone.

    Can you please help fixing this?

    Thanks, js

    1. Looking further, I think this is an issue with long(er) lines (>~100 chars) not displaying correctly in the single entry view/edit view

  3. I am using Kypass 1.5 on a Mac and for some reason I am unable to save and entry. It is creating a file strange extension each time I try to save i.e Noel.kdbx.sb-a320f260-zQ7ju2. I move Kypass to trash and reinstalled it but getting the same results. I tried saving on a different machine and it works with no error. Tried looking for a .plist file for kypass but cannot find one. Can someone tell me the location of the setting files or help with this problem? Thanks.

  4. I am using KyPass Companion 1.5 (2776) on iMac OSx 10.10. System preference is “Graphite” appearance, but not tick “use dark menu bar and dock”. This is a fresh install less than 2 weeks ago.
    My shortcuts and folders in left pane are in black font, making it almost impossible to read. When you select a folder, it appears in white font, but any folder not selected is in black font on very dark grey background. The sub-folder arrow is in white all the time, but text is in black.
    Is this a bug? How can I change colour of folder list text?

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