Disable title bar on OSX iPhone simulator

5 days ago, a user on Superuser would like to remove border and title from the iPhone Simulator when he use it for demonstration.

I like the idea and I accept the challenge!

My proposition (accepted) is:

The SimulatorBorderKiller.bundle file is a modified version of https://github.com/ksuther/SimulatorBorderKiller where I have changed the style mask of the window with NSBorderlessWindowMask.

It works and the result looks great.oqmcJ

It’s the first time that I use SIMBL and I see great possibility with this tools.


3 thoughts on “Disable title bar on OSX iPhone simulator”

  1. Hi,
    this looks really cool and i really need this to make a Unity software borderless.
    Problem is, i don’t know where should i put the NSBorderlessWindowMask stuff, i’m not really into objective c. I’ve downloaded and compiled SimulatorBorderKiller, changed the target software successfully but i’m stuck on how to modify it so i have a borderless window.
    Could you post sources of your mod, or tell me where to modify the original plugin ?


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