KyPass Companion 1.1…

… is ready for sale.

What’s new ?

  • tools/update icon entries from url.
  • (bug fixe) ssh:// url are now working (fixed a sandbox issue)
  • (bug fixe) sorted column when changing folder is working now.
  • remove safari plugin support (security flaw)

v1.2 will be send to Apple sunday with auto-lock, clipboard security, change shortcut settings, …

Have fun!

Get it from the App Store!

39 thoughts on “KyPass Companion 1.1…”

  1. I’m missing the Option to rate your App in the Mac App store. Because of that I use this way to tell you that I like it! It fits my needs by supporting .kdbx databases secured just with an key file and not with a password.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Dear Miguel,

    Thanks for your efforts. What is your upgrade/update policy with Kypass Companion? If I buy version 1.1 from the AppStore now, how long will I receive free updates?


  3. Just purchased Kypass Companion, and unfortunately I can’t change the password generator settings for chromeIPass. Could you please add that in the next version?

  4. Hi there, I was one of the beta testers and switched no over to the final version. Now I got the problem that the safari extension is broken and I’m unable to reinstall this because in kypass companion there is no installer for safari. Also tried to uninstall and reinstall the companion, no success. May you please give me a helping hand.


  5. Hi… i was using the beta during the last month and now i buyed your app in order to support the proyect and your work.
    go on developing…

  6. Hi,

    I was about to give up the search for an Mac app that could open Keepass V2 databases. Recently bought a Mac (always has been a Windows user) and Keepass was a must have :-). Somehow I stumbled upon KyPass.

    Please continue with this handy app!

    But I have a question:
    The SSH:// url has been fixed in the latest version. So does that mean that you can just open the URL and you are being logged in on the server?

    I have a lot of servers in my DB and on Windows I easily can open an connection (logged in as well) and then ‘su’ to the root user. On my Mac this isn’t yet possible, is it?

    When I open an SSH url, it just opens terminal (or iTerm), but doesn’t doe anything. What should I suspect here?

    Thanks! And again, keep up the good work!

    1. If you enter ssh://{username}@ in the url field, kypass will open a new terminal window and run ssh with the “User Name” field as login.
      I’ll release soon (as open source software) a helper that will:
      – open a new tab in terminal
      – run the ssh command
      – and enter the password (from the ‘password’ field in kypass)

      1. Thanks! Will try that.

        Is it possible to use sshpass? Just installed that on my Mac and has the option for a password option when logging in.

        Thanks for the fast response.

          1. When i start the helper it comes following message at syslog:

            kCHErrorInvalidConnection CGSGetWindowsTags Invalid Connection

            It would be very helpful, when i can start ssh-sessions without paste passwords .


      2. Perhaps stumbled upon a bug:
        When using the “ssh://{username}@”, the URL doesn’t do anything. However, when i’m using: “ssh://root@”, the session opens.

        Maybe it’s a setting om my MBA (mid 2013).

        I am curious on your helper. Any clue on when you will be releasing a beta / final?

  7. Does the new version support database synchronization like KeePass for Windows? I use a shared location for my database and this would be great.

    Also, I would like to request the following features:
    1. Minimize to systray, or hide the open database. I accidentally close the database all the time.
    2. Open previous database automatically on startup.

    Thanks for the program, it is much better than the alternatives.

    1. Not yet. But it will be πŸ™‚

      1. Not easy to do in sandbox mode but I’m looking for a clean solution.
      2. It work on my development version and not on the appstore version. I don’t know why. I’m looking for this problem too.

  8. Hello, i would really like to buy the full version but I’m having a problem with a good username/password match for the keypasshttp browserplugin. It works very well but when i go to and i also have stored some passwords for, i also get the suggestions for the other website which is very disturbing when i use a lot of subdomains.
    I have installed on windows with and this works a lot better with the url match. can you please adjust your software to better match the url? i use google chrome.

  9. KyPass Companion goes off into a 100% CPU loop quite often for me, on two different Macs. Any idea why?

    Also, it’d be quite nice if KyPass was able to stay as an icon in the menu bar instead of taking up space in the dock.

    1. For the icon in tray, I’m still looking for the best implementation.
      For the 100% CPU loop, it’s weird. What’s your OS version ? How large is your database ?

  10. You need an initial welcome screen.

    When you first open KyPass Companion on the Mac (v10.7.5), you get a system trey icon, but no window pops up. You then need to highlight the icon and use the menu at the top to “File -> Open” or “File -> New” or whatever. It took me a few minutes to figure this out, and that’s a bad first impression – I thought my brand new purchase was broken because nothing came up when I started the app.

    Note that once you have a file, it does well to bring that one back up automatically the next time you start KyPass Companion. It’s that first impression that needs work.

    Otherwise, it looks good. Thanks for giving us a convenient way to use KeePass files on a Mac.

  11. Hi there,

    I was a beta-tester and just paid for the app to support your efforts. Keep up the good work!

    Any news on v1.2? Looking forward to the auto-locking feature, and re-opening previous database on startup.


  12. Hello!

    Any news on the support of keefox?

    after upgrading to mavericks keepass with mono isn’t working anymore, so kypass companion is my best bet for a working keepass/keefox combination under macos.

  13. Just curious… but why would the command:

    defaults write /Applications/KyPass\ LSUIElement 1

    Corrupt the application? I use this method on many other apps to hide the dock icon….

  14. Is it possible to create an FTP url? Just like the helper you’ve created for SSH (which I use very often! Thanks!). One of the things I still miss is the FTP url.

    On Windows I’ve created an override for the FTP:// url and it opens FileZilla and logs me in straight away. Would be awesome if this could be an add on / extra feature on the SSH helper.

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