KyPass Companion 1.2 will be released soon

Currently, the changes are:

  • added auto-lock & clipboard security.
  • change the quick open shortcut
  • added settings for the Chrome/Firefox extension password generator
  • some bug fixes

And I’m currently working on the delete & move entries function.

I would like to add another thing. I have some idea but what are you waiting next ?

Some ideas could be find in the great plugins list available on keepass atย

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  1. Hi Redbug,
    My biggest problem with passwords on my iPhone is when an an app, that requires a user name and password, will go back to the start page and forget the username I just pasted, when I go back to Kypass to fetch the password.
    How to paste them in one go…

    1. When your are on the entry view, click on the button at the bottom-right and select the last item. (copy password + username)

  2. Whenever i add entry on Mac. It breaks the keepasshttp setting on other platform (Windows / Linux).
    Which i have to delete the old AES key and regenerate new one.

    Another bug is I can’t get Firefox Sync working on Mac.
    but other platform did. btw I’m using passifox plugin.

  3. I’d like to know where to direct bug-reports to. The support site mentioned in the App Store seems to be dead and I think this commentboxes are not the right environment to address this.

    Regarding my wishes for the next version:
    – i miss the “CTRL-V” Funktion from the original very much
    – the “drop-to-background” function from the original would be very helpful
    – rearranging and moving entries is necessary
    – startup with the last opened kdbx

  4. Hi,

    first of all, let me say i’m a new user of Kypass and Kypass Companion, and I love them. You really did a great job. I was a user of 1Password, but i’m changing (mainly because I use linux at work, and I need a native software that read KDBX).

    Well, here is my wishlist for Kypass Companion:
    – webdav support (like Kypass, so I don’t need to copy manually on my server), but it must still work if i’m offline
    – auto save (each time I make a modif, I don’t want to think of saving the file)
    – with autosave, you must provide some kind of backup (Apple Versions?
    – some kind of a daemon mode or at least menubar integration. I don’t want to see the Kypass Companion window on my screen all the time.
    – because you are adding autolock, the ability to unlock from the chrome/firefox extension
    – Safari extension
    – For browser extension : search at first the exact subdomain, then if not found return a matching domain
    – A screen that show the weak password and the password that are old (not changed since X month)

    Yeah, that’s a big list, but it will be soon Xmas ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for all, keep up the good work!

  5. It would be great if you add “Copy URL” & drop down menu of custom attributes (if any) to copy them to buffer. Thanks!

  6. Why isn’t the safari integration working anymore? In the Beta 0.8 version it was working fine. This was one reason for me to buy this new release. Please fix / add this support.

  7. Could you please make the with of the left dark-grey menu adjustable?! Iยดve long names for my groups and it looks terrible. Are there any possibillities to get the passwords shown without opening the entry like it is in the Windows Version?

  8. My wishes for christmas are:
    – Bugfix: Its not possible to delete groups
    – Improvement: Better and more os-conform style of the central list view
    – Feature: Automatically open KyPass with the recent kdb-file

    Mac OS X 10.9, Safari

    Thank you for this great application!


  9. I’d love to see an option to make the database autosave upon adding a new key (can be done with KeePass by using triggers)

  10. It’s a small detail, but pressing right click on a new entry (one that’s not previously selected) should select that entry and offer copy username / copy password options for the right-click entry.

    One shouldn’t have to first left click on one entry, and then right click to copy

    Another small detail (in my opnion) is the navigation between folders. Going down in the folder structure is fine, but when going up, left clicking on the tree structure on the toolbar (for example K > Internet > MyStuff) should jump straight to the clicked entry instead of bringing a pop-up menu for selection. The pop-up menu should appear if the user right clicks on an item in that structure.

    For the rest so far so good

  11. Seems that Kypass is providing _all_ passwords to chromIPass to use. I would find it great to block that group wise. I get lots of suggestions from the recycle bin (which I do not want to empty).

    A concept to protect KyPass when I leave my laptop for a while would be great too.

  12. It would be great if you could fix the interaction with Firefox Sync and also the Pocket extension. Both work fine with KeepassHttp on Windows or GNU/Linux.

    Better URL matching in the KeepassHttp port would also be good – seems like I get everything under when I request one site.

  13. I haven’t bought you app yet, so here are three questions of mine:

    – Does you app support “Key File” when opening a Database?
    – Can I use ChromeIPass AND KeePassHttp or is there another way to autocomplete username/password?
    – Can I sync the database locally (via WLAN…)?

  14. Does the current release support auto-clearing of the clipboard? If not, will v1,2 support auto-clearing of the clipboard?

  15. Hello, i didnt find a support link on your website so i post it here. i have your software running in google chrome for mac but cannot get it running in firefox. i installed the plugin which is available via the settings menu but then i dont see any toolbar or menu or anything new in firefox like in google chrome with the new icon to select the passwords. do i need to setup anything else? what do i need to do to get it running?
    for windows there exists a great addon called keefox. i would love to see something similar for your software for mac.

    1. Try the link on v1.2 (available from yesterday)
      Keefox will never be usable on mac. It uses rpc request from windows.

      1. Hi, i installed your update but still don’t understand how to use it in Firefox. Can you please describe it quickly or even make some screenshots? that would be awesoeme!

        Yes i know that Keefox will not be usable in Mac but i also wrote “something simillar”.

  16. I’d like to see an option to have generated passwords not contain easily-confused characters (such as I, l, |, O, 0).

    I also noticed a bug where when you add a new item to the list, it changes the sort.

    Great app otherwise, though. Much nicer than the other options I’ve tried for OS X.

    1. 1. done in v1.2 released yesterday
      2. I’m working on it
      3. Fixed in v1.2 (I hope)
      4 (3). Hard with a NSDocument application
      5 (4). I’m working on it

  17. Updated to 1.2 and now chromeIPass can’t find any of my logins at all. Is this is a known bug, and if so, is there anything I can do to fix it? KyPass is unusable for me like this, it defeats the entire purpose of having it.

    1. It works on my Mac.

      Could you remove all beta version of KyPass Companion ?

      Could you also remove the folders
      ~/Library/Saved Application State/be.kyuran.kypass-mac.savedState

      > killall -SIGTERM cfprefsd.

      And restart kypass companion

        1. Just uncheck ‘save password in keychain’ in your database. (via inspector button).
          It will be fixed in next version.

      1. The Firefox extension also returns “No logins found”.

        Most of my entries have a manually entered description in the “Title” field. Thinking that perhaps KyPass switched to using the Title field to match URLs against, I tried switching the Title attribute of the entry I was testing with to be the same as the URL, to no avail.

        1. Just uncheck ‘save password in keychain’ in your database. (via inspector button).
          It will be fixed in next version.

        1. Just uncheck ‘save password in keychain’ in your database. (via inspector button).
          It will be fixed in next version.

    2. My chrome is also not getting any credentials. as well as no search results when i use the quick launch search option. Just remains blank.

        1. I purchased just this app (v1.2)

          Happy to report that the auto-clearing of the clipboard seems to be working.

          However, there seem to be some bugs with the Auto-lock feature.

          I can NOT UNcheck (disable) this feature. After unchecking the “Auto-lock” check box, it will recheck itself.

          (Actually, there is a way to uncheck the “Auto-lock” check box and have it remain unchecked. If you delete the value from the “minutes of computer inactivity” field and leave the field empty, the “Auto-lock” checkbox will uncheck itself and remain unchecked. However, this results in the program going into constant/instant Auto-lock which is the opposite of disabling the feature.)

          Features I would like:
          1. Where you enter the Master Password to open a database file, there should be a button (or a setting somewhere) that allows you to unmask the typing in the Master Password field. Also, the program should remember your setting and always unmask this field if you so choose. This is one of the great features of KeePass, and a feature which is missing from other password managers.

          2. There should be a setting that allows you to unmask the password column in the database. This is another feature in KeePass.

          3. View > Hide Sidebar is always disabled. Not really a big deal, but just something that seems broken. Also, the right edge of the sidebar is partially hidden. Would be nice if it were either centered properly or just hidden completely.


          1. Auto-clear is fixed in v1.3. Use 9999 or more actually ๐Ÿ™‚
            1. Unmask checkbox is also added in v1.3
            2. Right click on the column header to display the ‘clear password’ column. It’s not the same that in keepassx but it works.
            3. Sidebar must be rewritten.. I don’t like it.

            v1.3 will be submitted next week.

  18. Hi, after upgrading to v1.2 Autofill in Chrome is not working anymore for me as well as the new settings-dialog is not saving my changes. I reverted back to the time-machine backuped v1.1 – and everything is fine again.
    But overall I am extremely happy – the tool is just a beautiful great timesaver for my work!

    1. Just uncheck ‘save password in keychain’ in your database. (via inspector button).
      It will be fixed in next version.

  19. – support for syncing with Synology Cloud Station would be appreciated

    The Dropbox feature which i use now works fantastic but i’ve got my own nas+cloud now so why not use it. Besides if i have to choose between hosting my password file on Dropbox which is a US based company (= patriot act = MURICA! = NSA) or my own NAS i choose the latter.

    PS: if you want i can provide you with a test account on my NAS

  20. Redbug, thanks for the reply and for your work on develeopment of this project.

    Actually, both the clipboard auto-clearing and auto-lock features cannot be disabled (unchecked) other than by clearing the seconds/minutes fields (leaving them NULL).

    Since I use clipboard clearing I don’t need to disable that feature. However, I don’t use auto-lock. I already did implement the “9999” minutes workaround for auto-lock. However, as you probably know, the field lets you type a higher number than 9999 (exceeding the visible size of the field) or leave it compeltely blank (NULL), both of which are probably not the behavior you want.

    Another nice feature to add would be buttons in the toolbar for Copy Username and Copy Password functions. Personally, I usually just double-click on the entry or use the keyboard shortcuts, but some users might prefer to have toolbar buttons available.

    I hope you can also add unmasking of the master password at some point.

  21. Hi,

    I’ve just updated the KyPass application through the App Store. However, after the update, I can not login in browsers with credentials in KyPass.

    The extension is connected (did a reconnect) but still no matches (“No logins found”).

    While a few minutes back, before the upate, everything was working fine.

    Any idea how this comes?

    Oh and the database isn’t locked or something. That was the first thing I’ve checked.

    1. There is another bug in KyPass.
      Just uncheck ‘save password in keychain’ in your database. (via inspector button).
      It will be fixed in next version.

    2. Do not save your main password in the keychain. It is a bug that I believe is being fixed in the next version. Clearing it from the keychain restored it for me.

  22. Just updated to 1.2. It is now asking me for a master password, but keeps telling me it’s invalid. I happen to use the same file (stored on dropbox) from KeePass on a Windows PC, so the password should not be any different. I can authenticate from the PC no problem.

    What should I do?

    1. Nevermind… I misinterpreted the purpose of the “key file” field on the Master Key dialog. Thought it was the name of the file I wanted to open.

      All good now.

  23. Version 1.2 can’t remember last opened database file as well as keyfile – very annoying. Also the sidebar with icons only – why it doesn’t offer something similar visual-wise to the KyPass iOS counterpart (simple list-tree)? KyPass for iOS has been my favorite app for a long time. Now the Mac version seems usable at least, but it needs some work to match its iOS “little” brother.

  24. Hi there,
    I previously used Keepass/windows, but I have purchased KyPass for my mac and am running v1.2. It is looking good, however there is still an important feature missing compared to Keepass/windows. I store the kdbx file on a network share (dropbox) so that I can use it from multiple devices. Keepass/Windows continuously monitors the file on disk so it will notice if the underlying file has changed, and offer to re-open it. It would be good if KyPass could work this way too.
    With the current KyPass behavior, if another machine has changed the kdbx file, there is no way to know in KyPass that the database is out-of-date. If I make some changes in KyPass and then hit Save, it will then say “The document’s file has been changed by another application. The changes made by the other application will be lost. Save anyway?”. Then I have to throw away my changes and start over…
    Please consider it!
    Thanks, John

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