KyPass v3.1 promo

Sans titre-1KyPass v3.1 was approved a few hours ago!!

But… Why do update from v2 to v3 ?

  • PIN Code is available to protect your database.
  • Use the password generator when you create a new entry.
  • You could select any file as key file.
  • You could use more than one dropbox folder.
  • More to come…

And… KyPass Companion (mac version of KyPass) was released 2 days ago.

KyPass v3 is at 80% during 48 hours to celebrate this release !

37 thoughts on “KyPass v3.1 promo”

  1. Hi,

    nice job. But did you recordnized that your new feature “webdav password is now hidden” is not complete implemented? Take a look at the menu point “edit” in the file overview, then push the exclamation mark and here we go – the webdav password in plain text. This should be a critical issue!


  2. Hy, im migrating from Splashid to keepass, and im trying minikeepass and your kepass.
    I’ve 560 entry. and more 400 have extra field.
    I see existing extra field but i cant modify, and i cant create.
    Do you plan to manage extra field?

    The search dont work on all field; do you plan insert an extend search on all field?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi, I bought kypass 3.1 for ipad, the group does not work, all the passwords are simply a list. Design disgusting, pin code is entered in the curved window, you’re going to fix it? all the same app is worth the same amount as onesafe!

  4. I recently upgraded to KyPass 3.1 but there seems to be a bug that makes it unusable for me:

    I am using a kdbx file protected by password and key file.
    After saving the database once in KyPass 3.1 (iPhone 4S), i cannot open it any more.
    Neither KyPass nor KeePass (on Windows 8) accept the master key any more.

    It does not depend on the way the file is synchronized. Tried WebDAV and iTunes sync. Made no difference.
    It happens only if a key file is involved. My key file is 187 bytes in size. The problem is reproducible.

    Please fix this problem because using a key file is something I am not willing to step back from.

    I noticed a second problem, but this more an annoyance:
    After adding or deleting a file to/from KyPass I need to kill the app completely and restart it before the change becomes visible.

    Thank you for caring about these issues, especially the first one!

    1. 1) Try to open the file without the keyfile. KyPass 3.1 doesn’t save the keyfile selection (if other that database.kdb.key). It will be fixed in next version
      2) I try to reproduce the bug and fix it.

  5. There seems to be a serious problem in KyPass3.
    When saving a KDBX file that is protected by password AND key file the database becomes corrupted and cannot be opened any more. KyPass and KeePass both claim the master key to be invalid.
    Worked fine in KyPass 2 but in 3 it is broken.
    Feel free to contact me if you need more details for reproducing this.

    1. The database is not corrupted. It’s just that the keyfile is not used when you save the database.
      You could still open the database with your usual password and without password.
      Fix has been sent to Apple.
      Sorry 🙁

      1. Just out of curiosity, when will this fix work? As of today (12/12/2013) it still removes the key and leaves me with just the password.

  6. Hi,

    Unfortunately there’s once again a bug regarding WebDAV sync: At least under iOS 6 WebDAV sync is not possible anymore. The WebDAV group in the preferences is still available but I cannot add an entry.

    Any fix available?

  7. I paid for version 3 a bit grudgingly, but version 2 was stable and an essential app for me. Version 3 has NOT been an upgrade.

    The problem i have is that EVERY TIME I launch KyPass, i have to tell it where to find my kbd file. I use DropBox with a crypted folder, and KyPass “forgets” the location every time I close it. It is very frustrating.

  8. Any plans for including BitTorrent Sync support for KyPass? This would certainly be a coup! That way your data stays your data and never has to be sent to anyone’s “cloud!”

  9. Do you have any plans to implement synchronization via WIFI? I’d rather not use any kind of cloud service when I could simply sync my data between my devices within my own home wifi network. Thank you!

      1. Sorry if I wasn’t clear: I am searching for a WIFI solution that stays WITHIN my own home network, never goes out into the WWW. I’d like to sync my mobile devices with my PC while I’m at home, on my WIFI/LAN.

        I don’t see any need to sync while I’m outside my home — that would only make sense to me if I were cloned and editing my passwords at the same time at home as I’m out of the house. (?!?! See what I mean, doesn’t make sense.) 🙂

  10. Hi,

    When I make a change to my password database on my phone, I am unable to sync changes back to google drive.

    Will this ever be possible?


  11. Just started using KyPass 3.

    One feature request: With PIN use, it would be nice to have the cursor in the first position and the number pad displayed. This way I can just type the PIN without first touching the entry box. It works like this when selecting the db from the list to open, but it does not work like this when I bring up the app after autolock via minimizing.

  12. If you have a file with a password and a key file and you select a pin, you are unable to open the file with the pin.

    It looks like that pin only remembers the password and forgets the key file.

  13. I’m using KyPass 3.1 on an iPhone 5S with iOS 7.0.4. When I make additions to my database on the phone, they are not synced back to my Google Drive (set up for syncing). I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the account but the same thing happens. Changes made from other locations are synced to my phone normally, and overwrite any changes made on the phone.

    1. As you could look in this document,
      Either I choose ‘App Folder’ or ‘Full Dropbox’.
      If, as you want, I choose ‘App Folder’, you couldn’t decide which folder you want. It will be /Applications/KyPass for everyone.
      It’s not what most people want.

      If it’s a problem for you, I could add a new settings in the next release to use Application Folder.

  14. Hi,
    I’m using owncloud with keypass 3 and have configured a webdav connection to the owncloud server. The webdav is working fine in both directions as long the network is availabe. But is is not working when the iOS device is offline and some modifications in the database of keypass are made and they are stored locally in the iOS device. After return in the network the modified file is not syncronized back to webdav-folder. The other way round it works. A modiefied file in the webdave directory is used after back in the network and starting the APP.
    Any thought’s about that issue?


  15. I installed Kypass on my Ipad and use Webdav as source for my kdbx file.

    If I make a change (or add a record) when I’m offline (not connected to my Webdav server), the changes are lost at the moment I open Kypass when I’m online again.

    Is this a known issue?

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