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  1. Nice release. But I have some improvements:
    – In the edit entry menu, plz make the “Notes” area resizable.
    – Also I wish to add an option like “remember keyfile during startup”. I would like to enter every startup my passwort, but don’t like to choose the keyfile again and again.

    Hope you could add this!


  2. Hi,
    I got the KyPass Companion 1 from the Mac App Store, great work, really! But I was wondering why the “Install Safari Extension” button does not seems to work. I will be redirected to kyuran.be/kypass-mac, but there is no extension installation, I also tried searching on the official apple safari extension page, but no luck. Do I make something totally wrong?

    Best regards Jan

  3. Why doesn’t the app remember the last opened database? And the Open Recent menu seems to do nothing – it’s always blank, which means I have to manually open the DB every time. Even automatically opening the Open dialog at launch would be better.

    1. ???
      I don’t have this error with the version I’ve downloaded on the store.
      Last database is reopened and “open recent” menu is not empty.

      1. I’ve tried moving the database to multiple locations, but that hasn’t made any difference. App does not reopen last DB, and open recent menu is always empty. Do you have any idea how to check why it’s not properly doing it?

        1. Could you send me the result of
          tail -2000 /var/log/system.log|grep -i kypass
          in command line ?

          Which osx version do you have ?

          1. I couldn’t reproduce the bug.
            Could you remove all beta version of KyPass Companion ?
            Could you also remove the folders
            ~/Library/Saved Application State/be.kyuran.kypass-mac.savedState

            I don’t know if it could help.. But we have to try 🙂

          2. After upgrading to Mavericks, I poked around a bit more. It seems like the App Store version actually might not be creating the preference/saved state files properly – I deleted everything in ~/Library including folders where “kypass” appears, and then re-installed 1.0. In this case, not only would it not automatically open the database, it also no longer tracked the last opened DB’s path. I looked through the ~/Library, and saw that no file had been created in ~/Library/Preferences/, and that ~Library/Containers/be.kyuran.kypass-mac/ had Library files that were pointing to the ~/Library/ folders, where the files don’t exist.

            So I deleted everything and reinstalled the last beta version, and it did create ~/Library/Preferences/be.kyuran.kypass-mac.plist, where the last used directory was saved.

          3. As as a sandboxed application, Kypass saves all its settings in ~/Library/Containers/be.kyuran.kypass-mac
            I don’t understand why this folder is pointing to the ~/Library folder …
            It’s not the case on my mac and on mac of some friends.
            I’m still looking for this issue.

          4. Ok.. After removing manually ~/Library/Containers/be.kyuran.kypass-mac, you have to reboot or doing a killall -SIGTERM cfprefsd.
            Else the parameters are in a bad state..

          5. OK, that did at least make the app remember the working path. However, it still does not remember the last used DB.

            Out of curiosity, what is the be.kyuran.kypass-mac.LSSharedFileList.plist actually used for? In the ~/Library/Contains/be.kyuran.kypass-mac/Data/Library/Preferences/ folder, it’s still pointing to ~/Library/Preferences/be.kyuran.kypass-mac.LSSharedFileList.plist (which does not exist):

            saber:Preferences kai$ ls -la be.kyuran.kypass-mac.LSSharedFileList.plist
            lrwxr-xr-x 1 kai staff 70 Oct 26 23:01 be.kyuran.kypass-mac.LSSharedFileList.plist -> ../../../../../Preferences/be.kyuran.kypass-mac.LSSharedFileList.plist

  4. Does KyPass support global auto type like KeePassX? I don’t want to install browser extensions. Global auto type works for any native app like terminal…

  5. Been reported before and the release still has the same sorting bug. When you sort a group of entries, and then go to another group and then come back, the header still shows the same sorting setting, but the entries are “randomly” arranged again. Each group should remember it’s sort setting and the list should always be sorted the same way it was the last time the group/list was viewed. This is normal UI expected behavior. As it is, it is VERY frustrating because a list of 20+ passwords is hard to find the right one unless it is properly sorted.

  6. Great release! I have one request though, can you add the ability to change the port the http service listens on? If I don’t remember to quit Kypass under my account before my wife logs in, she is unable to use the chrome browser extension to fill in her passwords because my instance of Kypass still has the port open. The chrome extension lets you specify which port to connect to.


  7. I have the database in my dropbox and I use it from several computers. How do I avoid version conflicts when I run Kypass on more than one mac? (I used KeepassX before and that was using lock files) I think the best solution would be that both KyPass instances would automatically save the file after every change and reload before every use, or something like that.

  8. The main application works nicely, though I echo the requests for a timeout and for the app to remember the last DB used the next time it’s launched.

    I’ve had the Firefox extension installed the last couple of days, and I have two major problems with it: One, it complains too much that the app isn’t running. Once is fine, but after I dismiss it, I don’t want to see that message again.

    The second problem with the Firefox plugin is that it silently masks Firefox’s built-in saved password system. I thought my saved-password database had been corrupted, and was mystified when restoring those files from backup did not fix the problem. I spent half a day trying to diagnose trouble with Time Machine before it occurred to me to disable the Pass|Fox plugin. Then my saved passwords returned. (I understand if this cannot be resolved, but please make sure the user knows this!)


    1. Last db used will be added in the next release (1.1). I’m waiting for Apple approval.
      Autolocking will be added in v1.2 (currently working in the dev version.. Just waiting for 1.1 approval)
      And I’m not the passifox developer 🙁

  9. The Application is nice but some bugs are inside.

    when i click on the eye to see my password in clear text, only the repeat-box show the password, the password-box still shows the dots.
    when i want to change my password, i have to typ the password in the dotted password-box and the clear text repeat-box. In the windows version, it’s only necessary to change the password in one box.

    Please try to implement auto-type, it’s much better then a browser plugin

  10. I tried to remove key file authorisation (only user master password), and it works!
    So it may has some bugs with key file authorisation, PLS fix that!

  11. How can I create a keyfile? I tried to create a new database it with a keyfile and it will not create one. And how do I create a keyfile for an existing db?

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