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16 thoughts on “Kypass v3.1 was sent for approval.

  • Jochen


    thank you for KyPass that I use for a long time now. But there seems to be a bug in v3.1.

    WebDAV synchronization does not work for me any more. The log of the WebDAV states successfull PROPFIND commands on the given directory and a successfull GET on the .kdb file. – But the changed .kdb file does not show up within the KyPass app.

    I switched from DropBox to WebDAV some weeks ago. I wonder why there is a prefix in front of every filename. I never had this with DropBox where all files got synchronized as they were stored on DropBox.

    Best regards,

    • Jochen


      i did some experiments today.

      When adding the port to the WebDAV-URL (I’m using SSL on port 443) synchronization works again and the filename prefix is not shown in the app (only visible in itunes file transfer view).

      Best regards,

  • Stefan

    I am missing native TOTP provider support in Keypass and Kypass equally.

    Right now i am using keepass (keypass, PC) and (kypass,iPhone) with one database file on dropbox, keyfile on local device and phassphrase.

    Instead of using a local keyfile, i would prefer TOTP (google authenticator). the Problem is: for keepass there are some OTP-Plugins, but no TOTP-Provider-Plugin right now. But even if there was a plugin kypass would have to support it exactly the same way, too, otherwise i could not use my kdbdx.file cross device.

  • Arnold

    How do I add a webdav server?
    I can see the options Dropbox and Google Drive, but under Webdav there is no option to enable/add anything.



  • Arnold

    Thanks, I had figured that out already, thanks.

    But what is the link for a synology nas?
    I have the *.kdbx file in the directory “/keepass” (not in the home directory of the user but the root).

    I can’t get Kypass to load the file??

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jerome

    I cant delete Folders(Categories) using KyPass 1.1 Under Mac OS Maverics. Can you please check it and fix the problem asap? This is essential.

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