You love it! Thanks everyone!

KyPass v3 is already in the top 20 of 13 country in the productivity category.

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You love it! Thanks for that!

And thanks also for your comments:

Works perfect. I use it everyday!!! – ★★★★★
by 19lola90 – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 21 sept. 2013
I have used KeePass for years on my desktop. And I have been an happy user of KyPass for several versions. It is the only password manager I can find that provided the real-time sync between my desktop, iPhone and iPad and other features I needed. My devices are always in sync and I have my information at my fingertips no matter where I am. I think the upgrade cost was well worth every penny. I don’t know what all was fixed behind the scenes, but I do know when I run the app it works flawlessly EVERYTIME! No joke, I really like this app.

Love it – ★★★★★
by TheRoq – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 19 sept. 2013
TFunktioniert großartig zusammen mit Dropbox!

Perfetta – ★★★★
by FabyBg71 – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 21 sept. 2013
La utilizzo con gdrive e mi trovo benissimo. Ottima

The v3.0.1 will be approved in a few hours and I’m already working on the v3.1.

Again, thanks everyone!

And don’t forget: KyPass v3 is available for a special discount price of $1.99 until end of september. (80% rebate) !

5 thoughts on “You love it! Thanks everyone!”

  1. möchte Kypass gerne ausprobieren, scheitere aber an der Installation des Safari Plugins.
    Wenn ich den entsprechenden Button in den Kypass Companion Preferences anklicke werde ich auf diese Webseite geleitet…
    Kann ich das plugin irgendwo downloaden ?
    Danke schonmal

  2. I just purchased KyPass v3 and I’m not able to open any Keepass files. I run KyPass v3 with ios 7 on an iPhone 5S. What I have tried:

    1. Opening several of my existing databasses which have key files but no passwords. This did not work even after moving over the key via iTunes and renaming it. All of these databases are version 2 and created with Keepass 2.x on my desktop. I accessed these files over WebDAV.

    2. I created a test database on my desktop (test.kdbx) with Keepass 2.23 and a very short password. I also tried to access these databases over WebDAV and get password denied.

    3. I tried exporting my test database from version 2 to version 1 and open it on KyPass also accessed via WebDAV. This also does not work.

    Here is a link to my test file (the password is qqq, no keyfile):

    My next step it write a negative review for the app but I want to come here first to see if you can tell me why it’s not functioning for me.

  3. Update: It appears that it works after manually transferring the files, however, accessing the files over WebDAV does not. Suggestions?

  4. I’ve figured out what’s going on. When KyPass pulls the kdbx file from WebDAV it renames it with a hash appended to it. For instance Test.kdbx becomes something like:


    When KyPass looks for the key file it must have the same name only with .key at the end. Therefore Test.kdbx.key does not work, instead the key must be named:


    This now works.

  5. Can anyone tell me how secure the synchronisation is with gdrive (and dropbox)? Doen it go over HTTPS or sommering like that?

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