KyPass 3.0.1 … soon

KyPass v3 have a bug… You couldn’t add webdav url and change dropbox folder with this version.
It’s fixed in v3.0.1 and… it’s already in review.

The status for the following app has changed to In Review.

App Name: KyPass 3
App Version Number: 3.0.1
App SKU: 112
App Apple ID:536560380

Sorry for the bug.

14 thoughts on “KyPass 3.0.1 … soon”

  1. Will the webdav password still be visible for anyone having physical access to the device?

    And how about adding a global pin code needed to get access to the app?

  2. It would good if there were a way to disable the 4 digit pin access without reinstalling. There are times I like to use it but then disable. Also would be great if the font was dynamic. It is a bit hard to read at times.

    1. You could disable pin code by entering a bad pin code.
      For the dynamic font, I’m looking for that. It’s a great improvment in ios7.

  3. There is still a bug with 3.0.1.
    I cannot connect DropBox to Kypass.
    When I go to enable Dropbox and Dropbox says “KyPass would like access to all files and folders in your Dropbox”and I click Allow. It begins to Authorise and then the Kypass Logo is displayed and then it disappears immediately. I cannot sync (it’s like it never got authorised!).
    MMM…I used this app many times before and never had this issue… can you please check please.

  4. Hi,

    I have now bought v3.0 but please look into WebDAV more easily. Please make an option to edit a current WebDAV link. Now everytime during trying to set this up the whole URL needs to be typed over again. Since all the PRISM announcements it would be much better to have this in my own WebDAV enabled CloudServce on my Synology.

    Hopefull these fixes will be working soon.

  5. Hi,

    at least webdav sync does not work (no visible kdb-file) in combination with some passwords e.g. passwords like simple>> or simple==. Could you please provide a list which special character sequences are invalid? Or even better provide a bugfix for it? Thanks

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