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screen568x568Kypass v3 is now available.
Say hello the the new ios7 look.

Kypass v2 is end of life. Existing users could upgrade to the v3 for a special discount price of $1.99 until end of september. (80% rebate). The application will stil be runnable but will not be updated anymore.

For all the Kypass Pro‘s users, it’s free !
Kypass Pro will be automatically upgraded to v3.

In the future, no more pro version. One version for everyone.

About the future, what could you expect ?
– custom fields will be editable
– more synchronization methods
– “insert attachment” function
– new iPad interface (look for KyPass Companion on mac)
– internal web server (it will let you share your keepass database over the web from your iPhone to give you access from your browser on your desktop)

Download it from the AppStore

70 thoughts on “KyPass v3”

  1. I was hoping that Kypass v3 would solve the keyfile support, but sadly it does not. I’ve uploaded two files via desktop: master.kdb and the keyfile master.kdb.key as the instructions indicate, but after carefully entering the master password it continues to tell me that the master password is not correct. I am positive that it is being entered correctly. Had the same issue with v2.

      1. I tried both with iTunes and dropbox … I even renamed the db and its key… still shows “master password is not correct”

  2. Hi,

    when I activate DropBox sync DropBox opens and asks for permission. Then Kypass 2 opens. I close Kypass 2 and open Kypass 3. DropBox sync is activ but I can’t change the DropBox folder.

  3. Unfortunately the App crashes, when i try to Change the Dropbox-Folder (in my case from “crypted” to “keepass”).

    Kind regards

  4. Same problems here. On Dropbox sync old kypass V2 opens.
    I just deleted that and only kept V3 to solve that.

    Bought V3 to support you because I use it often. Also, kypass crashes when trying to change dropbox sync folder. Hope to get the bugs fixed in an update as I had to remove v2 to make this work.

  5. Mac companion doesn’t show contents of ‘Notes’ for some entries although Kypass iOS app does show them. Can you please make more tests and investigate?

  6. Hi,

    Everytime I try to change the dropbox folder the app crashes.

    Do I really need to use the “crypted” folder?


      1. It is indeed fixed thanks a lot.

        By the way I’m trying to use my db and whenever I enter my master password (I guess it’s the one keepass always asks me) it says it’s incorrect.

        Anyone having this issue?

          1. Yup I had my key file on the same folder.
            Had to change my password for it to work.

            Was it because of the file?!

          2. no, just rename your key file to database.kdb.key (if your database filename is database.kdb) and send it via itunes sharing.

  7. Confused

    Have used 2.4.2 on iPad, iPhone and PC daily for a long time and all is/was well. Just installed 3.0.1 on iPad, fired it up, went to file sync and turned Dropbox on (where my kdbx file has lived for years), Dropbox asks for permission to access all files and when I say yes, 2.4.2 opens????

    What have I missed?

  8. One thing I noticed since my last Kypass version was that you no longer need to put :80 after your owncloud location ( or Not sure if this was a change when I updated Owncloud or when I updated Kypass. Just an issue I had recently when re-adding my database file after upgrading Kypass. I apparently didn’t use Kypass in the timeframe between updating my Owncloud and updating my Kypass.

  9. Do you plan to add support for creating/editing string fields within entries?

    I store my kdbx on Dropbox, but access from iOS, OS X, and Windows… sometimes also Android. String fields are very useful. Since KyPass and KyPassCompanion do not permit creating or editing String fields, I am forced to do most of my editing via Keepass (Windows) — or using alternatives like KeePassX etc.

    1. There is also a Bug when Using owncloud -connected with webdav. Keypass works fine when you are online and have a Connection to the webdav Server. But when offline i can make changes to the Database which are not populated to the owncloud after back online.

  10. Just bought v3.1 & companion v1.
    The manual is a bit outdated / brief, therefore questions here:
    1) What is the use case for PIN instead of PW? Is it a permanent replacement for PW or just a session PIN (which would be very useful)
    2) what does a) open at start, b) open search at start do?
    p.s. love the solution – pls. keep on improving (e.g. nfc authentication once apple is supporting this?)

    1. 1) session PIN. True password is saved in iPhone keychain until you enter a wrong PIN code.
      2) open at start: open the database when you start kypass
      open search at start: open the search panel when you open your database.

      (and I’m waiting for nfc also :p)

  11. Hi,

    I just bought the app and am having issues.

    1) the app keeps crashing after I make a new entry or edit an existing one. It seems like if I edit an existing record, or create a new one, then try to edit or create another one too soon after the first one the app crashes.

    2) the app is creating numerous “conflicting copies” in my /Crypted folder in Dropbox! Why is it doing this and how do I make it stop?

    3) the app doesn’t seem to be syncing the db to Dropbox – my .kdbx file has a red “X” beside it and never seems to sync back to Dropbox

  12. In KyPass 3v3.1:

    1) Connect with a .kdbx file in Dropbox/Crypted/*.kdbx
    2) Edit an entry (say, change the PW)
    3) Note that the “time of modification of entry” is always 00:00:00 although the day/date is correct.

    This makes syncing with Keepass on a desktop, a problem, as the desktop version for the same day/date will always be “newer”.

  13. The webdav password is still visible when editing a webdav connection. Would like this to be hidden too. Ideally some fields should be offered rather than having to enter the entire URL. This would allow he password field to be ***** and reset when clicked

  14. feature request:

    I have many entries in my KyPass archive. Can you add an alphabetic quick nav bar like IOS Contacts or Tumblr (followers) have — so that I can jump down to “Yahoo” and “Zillow”?


  15. I’m using KyPass v3 on the iPhone and iPad, syncing with Dropbox. All works well, but every time I use it on the iPhone, it loses the connection to Dropbox, and I have to go into settings, turn “Use Dropbox” on, then it goes to Dropbox and asks for access by KyPass. This does not happen on the iPad Air, only the iPhone5. Can this be fixed?

  16. This is the best Kypass app available. I’ve tried them all.
    Encrypted db in dropbox with local keyfile and 2 way sync- YES!!

  17. Hi,
    Few questions:

    Is there a way to enter credit card informations ?

    Is it two way compatible with keepass ?

    Is there a free demo version ?

    Which encryption methods are available ?

    You write ” other info in the site, but I don’t find any info”

    1. – Yes. In custom fields (for keepass v2 database)
      – Yes. You could still use your database in your keepass on Windows or other keepass compatible software if you want.
      – Not yet.. But there will be one in a few weeks.
      – AES (default encryption of keepass)
      – There are a lot of information on this blog 🙂

      1. Hi, the webdav password is visible on 2 places.
        First place: open a database: if you click the info button you see the path including the passport
        Second place: when you edit the webdav connection.
        Are there any plans to change this. I bought the software because of the webdav sync, but for me it is not useable if my password ist so easy visible


  18. Hi dears!

    I have used kypass since begining. And I love this program. But last version 3.2.1 the worst version you made.

    KDBX file opens about 1 min! What does it do that time?

    To see password you need to press field twice and after first click it shows animaition that also required some time. Is it more importent them user comfort?

    And version for mac also became more slow.

    1. I suppose your database is bigger than usual ?
      Could you try to open it in KeePass on windows, doing a rebuild and reload it in KyPass ?

  19. WebDav does not work in current version of KyPass. My kdbx-file is 8,2 kbytes, but KyPass shows me a size of 300 bytes. So the file is not valid and master key does not work. I tried it without ssl, too. When I load the kdbx-file by using internal web server, I can successfully open it. Please fix WebDav!

  20. When you unlock a password (see the clear-text password) and then exit the app (pressing the home button), a screenshot of the current app state is saved and the password is clearly visible in the application switcher (when double-tapping the home button).

    Please assign an appropriate action (see (void) applicationWillResign), e.g., use a lock screen image or log out of the KeePass file.

    Thank you!


  21. I am using KyPass 3 for a few days now. The app is almost working fine. Connecting a database on my ownCloud server via Webdav is fine. It is possible to add new and to edit existing entries; the synchronisation from KyPass to KeePass to my Windows computer is working flawlessly.

    There is one problem though. Deleted entries in KyPass are not synchronized with the database on my ownCloud server. Whats more, after the next time Kypass synchronizes the database the deleted entries are back again (as if I did not deleted them).

    Can anyone help to overcome this problem?

  22. I bought KyPass Companion v1.7, and I find it very useful, I’m very sitisfied. As a desktop password manager, it is great.

    However, I have an Android phone (and also a tablet), and I need to use my password database on it.

    Since you don’t have an Android version of your KyPass, could you explain how I could export my KyPass DB to use with my Android devices?

    Best Regards,


  23. I updated my phone to iOS 14.6, and now I can not longer open KyPass V3 because “it needs to be updated (“The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS.”) Any advice?

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