13 thoughts on “New build for osx10.7.5”

  1. Hi,
    unfortunately, KyPass does not open my kdbx-file, always says the password is incorrect.
    – I have no key file
    – Password was encrypted using > 1 million “iterations”
    – kdbx-file was created on windows with KeePass

    Do you expect any incompatibilities with this?
    Kind regards,

  2. Possible bug.

    I do a search for a password. I copy the password so I can use it on a website. When I return focus to KyPass Companion I am unable to do any further searches or otherwise use the programme. I have to close it from the menu bar then start it again.

    Mac OS X 10.8
    KyPass Companion 0.8.3 (891)

    1. It doesn’t happen immediately after changing focus then back – maybe after 30 seconds. I can still select which fields are being searched on, and also able to open additional databases (or the same database again), but the close button for the frozen database doesn’t even work.

  3. Yes! It works. Thank you so much.

    Also, you used to allow kypass to have the icon in the menu bar and hide the icon on the sidebar. Is that still possible?

  4. Works well with for me and my 2.x Database on OSX 10.8.5, I would love to have the final Version localized to German language, if you like some help with that topic I am for sure willing to contribute.

    Thx, for you work

  5. Hi, it works perfect for me.

    What I am missing: A simple overview of the custom attributes, e.g. in a separate panel.
    Why I am very happy if this feature comes with the next release: I want to copy text from the custom attributes in my current document or website. Currently I most open an entry, switch to the Advanced panel and then scroll down to the desired custom attribute. My hope is that I can find the custom attribute faster in a separate panel.

    Thx for the great work.

  6. Just tried 0.8.3 (10-9-13) and have the same problem Adelbert did. I am told my “Password is invalid”. I am using a password and a key file.

  7. Hi,
    very nice application
    for information there is a bug when you add a key file without any password
    kypass try to verify the password and raise an error

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