4 thoughts on “KyPass v2.4.1 was approved”

  1. Hi!
    Bought KyPass, have a few questions:
    1. When I open *.pdf files attachment, program spontaneously closes.
    2. After opening *.zip files, a window appears in which the arrow button does not respond to clicks.
    3. When I copy a user name and password in the form copies username_password. In the browser inserts a line of fully only in the field Ā«usernameĀ».


  2. Does Kypass Pro support Bi-directional sync between KeePass and Kypass Pro on iphone?

    If so, does this require an ftp sync? Or will it work via DropBox?

    What are the FTP requirements and specifications for Kypass Pro sync to KeePass?

    For example, we use Egnyte as our cloud server. Egnyte currently supports FTPS (File Transfer Protocol over implicit TLS/SSL) and FTPES (File Transfer Protocol over explicit TLS/SSL); But Egnyte does not currently support SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

    Also Egnyte does not support the ASCII transfer mode; Egnyte uses the binary mode instead.

    Is this info on the Kyran website somewhere?

    I submitted these questions on the Forum and also here because I don’t see that the forum is monitored.

    – Mike

    1. KyPass doesn’t not support synchronization via ftp.
      Only via webdav, dropbox or google drive. All three in bi-directional way.

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