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  1. Hi,

    I love the way this is shaping up. One small bug: if you cmd-W close the window, it is then possible to quit the program without saving. There should be a dialogue box.

    Also, are groups always sorted alphabetically?

    How about an option for the database to lock after a certain time? I might use that on a laptop, although maybe not on a home desktop.

    Thanks for the great work. I use this with Kypass on the iPhone and Keepass2 on a PC at work. Kypass is far nicer to use.


    1. +1 for the autolock after certain time

      Otherwise: great work, would spend some EUR on it once available!

  2. It would be really cool, if you could use a special font for the reveal password option. Great would be a font like eg. the Monaco font used in MiniKeePass or maybe another monospace font which is aimed at distinguishable characters.

  3. Hi Kyuran,

    thank you for your great improvement to the KeePass-experience for Mac-Users.

    I assume there is a bug in the “Install Safari Addon” button. I only get your Website up when I click this button and it’s not installing anything.

    Could you please have a look at it?

    Thank you in advance and best regards,

  4. Is password generation implemented? When trying to use that functionality through chromelpass I get the following error:

    Cannot receive generated password.
    Is your version of KeePassHttp up-to-date?

  5. This is great, i’ll happily purchase the software when it’s out of beta. Keep up the good work.
    One small issue with this version – when opening a database, no field is in focus, it would be more convenient if the password field had the focus.

  6. This is a really useful app. I will purchase when out of beta too.

    Quick question though, can I add files to an entry? I wish to keep my ssh ids in the database.

  7. Are there instructions how to link it up to the browser extensions?

    I have the firefox one installed and downloaded KeePassHttp but not sure where to put the plugin or how to get it to link.


    1. To the best of my knowledge KeePassHttp is not necessary with KyPass Companion. The browser extensions connect directly KyPass thinking it is KeePassHttp.

  8. Security breach
    Why Keepass Helper log our master password clearly ???
    Is it just since 0.8.3 ?

    sample log

    23/07/13 21:58:15,116 KyPass Helper[1295]: {
    RequestType = openDatabase;
    file = “/Users/xxxxxx/xxxx/xxxxx/KEYPASS/mykeepassfile.kdbx”;
    keyfile = “”;

    1. It’s not a security breach.
      It’s a local interprocess communication.

      And yes, it’s since the 0.8.3 version. I have splited the helper (in the task bar) from the main application. The web server is started in the help so you can leave the main application and keep the server open.

      But you’re right. Using the local web server to open the database is ugly. The next version will use XPC Services to communicate between kypass companion and the helper.

      1. While waiting for the next release, i’m erasing this log on the console after each use.

        Thanks for this answer and for your work

  9. Thanks for the good work. Just one suggestion. The disclosure icons to the left of the group icons do not reveal subitems as one would expect. It would be nice to either see them expand when clicked or to remove them all together. Other than that, I have no issue with this version. Thanks!

  10. Why do I keep getting a message from Chrome IPass that KeePassHTTP is outdated? Also auto-filling fields does not work. What do I do wrong?
    IPass settings shows
    Your running version of KeePassHttp: (KyPass)
    Latest available version of KeePassHttp:

  11. KeePassHttp can’t work, can I download the old version of KyPass Companion? 0.8.4 is not yet release.

  12. Thanks for all your efforts on this.

    One small request I have would be to permit the user to adjust the width of the left-hand scrolling list of groups.

  13. Hi,
    Lately, I installed KyPass Companion 0.8.3 on my MacBook Air (Version: 10.8.4), but I encounter a problem whenever I’m trying to save a database. The database is saved. However I’m not being asked for a password and thus, whenever I try to access that newly created database, I am prompted to enter a password, resulting in a database which is so secure, even it’s “owner” is not capable of opening it.

    I tried different things to get ahold of this problem. I deleted the database and created/saved a new one. I reinstalled the software, I looked up the comments of your blog in order to check whether there is a fix or a snapshot for it. Sadly, I had no success in either one of these measures.

    I (and probably those, who are experiencing the same issue) would be very happy, if you could help me (or us) in this matter.

    With kind regards,

  14. Thanks for your great work.
    I use two .kdbx databases. One is secured with a usual and works fine. The other one is shared via owncloud and I use a keyfile instead of a password. KyPass companion isn’t able to open it. Are there known issues, or shall I report it as a bug?

    1. No, you have to rename your key to database.kdb.key if database is database.kdb.
      But… for webdav database, the name of the database is 934912432_database.kdb (or something like that). Look for the true name by pressing the icon in the top right in the file browser window.

      1. I’m having a similar issue, I’m trying to open a database via WebDAV/SSL. I use a key for the database without a password, when I try to open the database with just the key it throws a “Password is invalid!” error.

        1. You have to rename your key to database.kdb.key if database is database.kdb.
          But… for webdav database, the name of the database is 934912432_database.kdb (or something like that). Look for the true name by pressing the icon in the top right in the file browser window.

          1. Looking at the database in Webdav, it’s named Database.kdbx, I renamed the key to Database.kdbx.key and I’m still getting “Password is invalid!”.

          2. I am having the same issue. KyPass Companion doesn’t accept Key File only as the Master Key, there seems to be validation of the password. I am stuck with KyPass refusing to proceed to open the database prompting “Password is invalid”, which is obviously untrue since it opens fine on KeePass (Windows) and KeePassX (Mac).

      2. I renamed the .key file to Passwörter.kdbx.key but I get still the “Passwort is invalid” message. I tried it with Passwörter.kdb.key . Could it be an issue with the ö in the name or are kdbx databases with a key file but without a password unsupported? Could the blank password field cause this error?

        Kind regards

  15. Hello,
    i use ChromeIPass on windows and Mac and i have lots of passwords for different urls but same form fields (i run a lot of websites with backend login). On my windows version, i get login suggestions just for this url but on the mac i get a lot more (which don’t fit to the form). What i found out is that the subdomain is not matched but should be!
    I have login form on http://www.example.com/backend/
    i also get login suggestions for www2.example.com
    and www3.example.com
    and not even the “backend” part of the url is matched. Can you please fix that?
    I’m so glad that this software exists because its the only one that generally works.

  16. Kypass Companion is really getting better, nice work, especially that you take care of the feedback from the user community.
    One thing I’ve noticed is that since 0.8.3 the Kypass Helper process runs at 99% CPU usage, so I have to force quit the process (even when closing the main window this process still runs in the background). This one is shipstopper, I guess. Can you check with your dev version?
    I also noticed that the Keepass database itself maintains a history / entry, which made my database constanly grow (it was 7x times its size by now). The Windows version has a menu with which that I can clean out / delete the X days old history logs from every entry. Such a feature would help here on Mac too.
    Keep up the good work 😉

  17. Hi,

    since 2.6.6 chromeIPass can’t connect to the database anymore. The older version of chromeIPass complained about a not up to date version of keepasshttp.

    Nice app!

  18. Hi, I think I found a bug. In 0.8.3 I have a problem to delete subgroup. When I click on “delete group”, I am navigated back to root and nothing happen.

    But it is great anyway. 🙂

  19. Thanks for this great app!
    PassIFox and chromIPass aren’t able to connect to the database anymore. Think that’s after the update to version 2.6.6. Is it possible that the reason is an old version of keepasshttp?


  20. Great App!
    Since this update, my Chromelpass keeps freezing when i load my database. Reboot didn’t work. I’m 100% sure version 0.84 is running. Chromelpass works fine when kypass is running without database, when i load the database, no more chromelpass. Can’t even load the option menu in chrome. Reinstall of chrome didn’t work.

    Thnx for the helo.

  21. Hey, thank you so much for finally making a native KeePass app for OS X.

    Have you implemented merging? I share a kdbx file on Dropbox with a co-worker and we occasionally modify the file at the same time. KeePass 2 on Windows allows for the merging of kdbx files so that we don’t lose data when this happens. Is this already implemented? or if not can it be put on the roadmap?

  22. Big THANKS for this!
    I can’t wait for this to hit 1.0 and be available for sale (I want to pay you for your good work).

    Long time user of KyPass for IOS

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