KyPass v2.4.1 and iOS7

I’ve added some new code in v2.4.1 to be able to use KyPass with iOS7.
A new bug was also introduced…
The password screen sometimes hangs (when the application become active after return from background). When that happens, press the cancel button to return to the file list and open the file again.
Update was sent to Apple today.

4 thoughts on “KyPass v2.4.1 and iOS7”

  1. I’m very happy with KyPass, but heads up! The proposed fix for the bug in the new version didn’t work for me! Just to click cancel and reopen the password file didn’t do the magic! To fix it I had to open running apps by double click on home button, find KyPass in the list and hold the KyPass icon until the icon shakes and then close it. Then when I restart KyPass it is back to its normal glory!

    Best regards

  2. You are absolutely right. The password screen hangs. Which is the first “pest” to have w/ kypass in years … unfortunately returning to the file list & opening the file again does not help, have to uninstall & reinstall the app including linking it to the right folder in my dropbox.
    But: Given that the bug shall be correctes soon & give how many times kypass was of help for me … that bug is NOTHING :-)))
    Great app, love it & never discontinue w/ it!!!
    BR from Vienna/Austria, Thomas :-)))

  3. Hi,
    I suddenly find out there is a new version 3. How was I supposed to know I can upgrade, see it by accident when using it after a month. Please extend your upgrade period.

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