Webdav support in KyPass v2.4

Now that KyPass have full webdav support, you could synchronize with box.com and mydrive.ch.

For box.com,
You have to enter https://<your email>:<your password>@dav.box.com/dav (be sure to replace the @ by %40 in your email)

For mydrive.ch,
You have to enter  https://<your login>:<your password>@webdav.mydrive.ch

You have another webdav configuration for known cloud provider? Don’t hesitate to add it in the comments.

41 thoughts on “Webdav support in KyPass v2.4”

  1. I have my own webdav server which doesn’t listen on the default port 443. How would I specify that?

      1. Sorry for asking stupid questions, but I already tried that and it didn’t. I’m using Owncloud as my WebDAV provider on a self-hosted system.

        I go to the settings and enter the URL of my server as follows: https://user:password@hostname:port/remote.php/webdav/

        Then there’s no feedback at all and I have no idea how to sync a file to that WebDAV share. When creating a new database there’s only options for iCloud and Dropbox.

        And I’m using the non-pro version by the way

  2. From what I can tell from sniffing and analyzing the access logs the problem is that the SSL connection isn’t successful. I guess KyPass denies self-signed certs.

    1. Effectively.
      One line is missing in my download handler…
      I send the update to Apple this week.

  3. as my comment from 08.07.2013 is not visible anymore, i post it again:

    webdav sync with my personal owncloud server works.


    but i’m not able to open my db (i think keyfile is not read).
    the keyfile keepass_db_synced.kdbx.key is already uploaded to the kypass app, as i synced the db with dropbox before.

    i don’t think there should be a difference syncing the db using dropbox or webdav concerning key file usage.

    any suggestions ?

    1. found the reason connecting to the app using the upload function:

      the webdav synced db has a string prepended, which is not visible in the app.
      therefor the key file (th_kp2_synced.kdbx.key) couldn’t match:

      KeePass Files from th_iphone

      uploading a keyfile with the same prepended string solves the issue:

      KeePass Files from th_iphone

      hopefully the string will not change.

  4. Hello,

    can you please tell me how to syncronize database.kbd with a synology diskstation running DSM 4.2?

    Thanks for help!


  5. WebDav is good. But it seems that sync with Dropbox not work correctly. When file changed in KyPass on iPhone it not upload to Dropbox.

  6. Since i also just bought a synology, do you have any idea when the new version will be released ?

    – Can .kdbx be created/synced ?
    – Will it support https ?
    – Can i use passwords that start and end with !@ ?

    I would love this since i use KyPass daily and it works much better then the other KeePass apps in the store.

    1. 1. Yes for the synchronization. Not yet for the creation (you need to create it from your desktop)
      2. Not it this version. New version was sent to Apple for approval 2 days ago.
      3. I don’t know why you couldn’t ? What’s the problem with !@ ?

      1. Ok, great. Also great to hear https support is probably coming soon.

        I am not 100% sure that it is a problem with these characters but it could be (Couldnt get my connection to work correctly yet).

        I have a password that starts with a ! and ends with a @. But the @ is also the character that needs to be in front of the IP adress and it would seem to me that it could create a conflict with the double @@.


        Best regards

  7. I just updated my Kypass Pro to version 2.4.1, but now the “Upload From Desktop” feature is broken again. I enter the URL shown on my iPhone into the web browser on my computer and it cannot find the webpage. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!

    NOTE: I tried deleting the app and data from my iPhone, I re-downloaded the app from the App Store, and the feature still does NOT work.

  8. …did anyone got it to work with the Synology webdav service?

    If yes, would be great if he/she can post the webdav string for it, i tried a lot of combinations now, but i cant get it to work…

  9. Well, webdav is not working for me at all.
    The db.kdb file ist stored in an owncloud subfolder (/Crypted), together with the keyfile db.kdb.key. The webdav URL works, as tested in my Browser (https://providersslsite.com/owncloud.myurl.com/remote.php/webdav/Crypted/)
    But after entering several, if not all combinations of the webdav URL, none of them was successful.

    Do i have to link to the folder? Or to the File? What about the keyfile? Do have to enter a specific Port? And where (https://providersslsite.com:443/owncloud.myurl.com/ vs. https://providersslsite.com/owncloud.myurl.com:443/). Or does KyPass use the usual standard ports?

    So many questions…



  10. When I enter username and password in the webdav connection string, will the url be parsed by kyPass prior to using it or will the URL be used as entered to request the password file?
    I am a little bit worried to enter my password in the connection url so it could be intercepted. Although ssl is used for the actual connection, the GET method call is not encrypted.

    1. Login/password are send in the authentification request (not in the GET method call).
      But you could a wireshark session to verify 🙂

  11. Hello,
    is webdav working in Version 2.4.2 pro ?
    I can configure the webdav URL but there is no Button to enable the Sync like in Dropbox or Google drive.
    There seems to be no sync with teh Webdav server.
    We work with an apache configured for webdav with plain http

  12. Hello,

    I host an ownCloud installation locally. Now I want to sync the kdbx-databases via webdav. But there seems to be a problem – settings are saved but nothing happens. No error-message. Here’s my connection string:
    Some more infos:
    Port is: 444
    SSL is self-signed, but SSL certificate imported/installed manually on iOS
    KyPass-Version: 3.2 for iOS
    iOS 7
    thanks in advance!

    1. Is your database file directly in webdav folder or do you have another folder like (/webdav/keepass) for your database ?
      KyPass doesn’t search databases in the folders recursively but only in the first folder.

  13. Hi there,
    I’ve just bought Kypass. I’m using Seafile as my WebDAV provider on a self-hosted system with nginx and https on Port 8001. My username ist my Email address, for example: john@t-online.de.
    In my Folder john is the Database.kdbx

    With Otter Apps i got Access to my webdav under: https://hostname:8001/seafdav/
    And there is no Problem.

    I go to the settings and enter the URL of my server as follows: https://john%40t-online.de:password@hostname:port/seafdav/john/Database.kdbx

    Then there’s no feedback and no Access and I have no idea how to sync a file to that WebDAV share.

      1. Hi RedBug,
        I type the path ‘https://john%40t-online.de:password@hostname:port/seafdav/john’ into the url-field. But nothing happend. My Database is not found.

        Is there a difference between capitals and small letters in the Foldername ?
        Is there another way to find out which Path i have to use ?

        With other Apps (Goodreader / Documents) i got webDAV-Access under: https://hostname:8001/seafdav/

        Can you help me ?

  14. Hello I am not able to get KyPass working with my WebDaV kdbx File.

    my WebDav URL is like this:


    Username: 12345-something@web.dav
    Password: +myhidenpassword#

    but when i use the URL:

    kypass does not download the file
    and when i add this to the wedav sync i do not get anything.
    no error message -nothing.

    pls help

  15. how can I connect to a private WebDAV server?
    I have a Synology NAS and have set up a WebDAV server.

    I’ve added the address in the program. But how can I access it now?

    Is this resolved in the v3.0 better? Or not going there too?
    Buyers get a discount of 2.4 update?

    Thanks for the Support
    Bye Kai

  16. Hi
    I am using Kypass for a while, thanks great job 🙂
    I am moving from DropBox to my own cloud (WebDav). I have managed to download my kdbx from my own server using WebDav URL, that works over http and Https.
    But my Downloaded DB is now read-only. Is there any restriction on WebDav?
    Using DropBox my DB was read-write.
    Thanks for Help

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