KyPass Companion v0.8.1 now available

v0.8.1 is now available.

  • option to change the parent group in the “new group” form.
  • add some AppleScript command. (more information soon)
  • scrolling enabled in the “favorite groups” view.
  • added status view in the top center of the main form.
  • add quick view (βŒ˜β†΅)
  • drag and drop.
  • some bug fixes.

As usual, it’s available atΒ


19 thoughts on “KyPass Companion v0.8.1 now available”

    1. Press the Keepass button in Chrome to reconnect it.
      Or go to chrome-extension://ompiailgknfdndiefoaoiligalphfdae/options/options.html and select “connected databases” to remove old KyPass connection.

  1. Thanks for the update.

    I still don’t seem to be able to create a new working database using this software. If I create a new database and save it and then try to reopen it I am asked for a password. However I cannot find any way to set a password upon creation.

    1. Default password is “password” πŸ™‚
      For changing it, go in the inspector panel once created.

    1. not running ?
      Could you quit kypass companion from the K icon in the right part of the menu bar and restart it ?
      Do you still have the “keepasshttp is not running” message ?

      1. I have the same problem with chromelPass

        “chromeIPass has encountered an error:
        Is KeePassHttp installed and is KeePass running?”

        I removed the old database connection as suggested above and even tried reinstalling the old version of kypass companion that worked, but still no luck.

    1. The K icon is the icon of the server application πŸ™‚
      Could you do a grep “KyPass Helper” /var/log/system.log ?

      1. KyPass Companion[20437]: LSOpenFromURLSpec() returned -10825 for application /Applications/KyPass path (null).

          1. I am on 10.7.5. Here at work they won’t let us updated to 10.8 yet ;-(

            The previous version seemed to work fine w/ chromelPass and 10.7.5…

          2. Sorry I was confused. I saw os and was thinking 10.8.2 when I was 0.8.2…

            0.8.2 works great! Thanks again I really am looking forward to using this.

  2. App works fantastic when using the ChromeIEPass integration, but when I try doing the same for Safari, it just loads the webpage and I don’t see any prompts for installing an extension, nor a download link (running Safari 6.0.5 on 10.8.4). Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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