KyPass v2.4 is finally approved!

What’s new ?

  • View attachements (Excel, Keynote, Numbers, Page, Powerpoint, Word, Rich Text Format, PDF and Images)
  • Display custom icon (in entry and group)
  • Fix a bug that corrupt kdbx database (if you have a corrupted database with older version of KyPass, just reopen it, modify an entry and leave the database)
  • Add group/entry bug is fixed
  • Protected custom fields are masked just like passwords
  • At start, use the last database opened.
  • two way WebDav support!
  • Allow to open local database in other application.

What do you want next ?

7 thoughts on “KyPass v2.4 is finally approved!”

  1. Thank you KyPass, it’s really a great application and thanks for another update for it.
    But it would be great if you could make the use of the last database upon startup configurable in the settings of the app. The idea is quite nice, but I have several databases and chances that I want to open the same one twice in a row are rather limited.

  2. Thank so much! Loving the two way webdav option. Working great! I would like the password in the webdav URL to be hidden. Ideally a URL, username and password field that then get combined to the full URL behind the scenes.

  3. Webdav is great – just started testing with “1&1 Online Speicher” – seems to work without any issues using
    Remember to replace the @ in the email login with %40 😉

    Using it syncing, via 1&1 Online Speicher, between Windows 8 & Keepass 2.19 and Ipad IOS 6.1.3. and obviously Kypass 🙂


  4. Dropbox syncing is broken in version 2.4. I can sync to files in my dropbox, but if I edit those files, the changes are not propagated back to dropbox. I’ve tried everything from reinstalling the app, choosing a different sync folder, creating new files after I make changes etc. Sometimes the app acknowledges that the files are out of sync, but does nothing else. Any help?

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