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  1. So, this finally runs for me on OSX 10.7, however, when the database browser comes up, nothing updates in the right-side pane when I select nodes in the tree navigator on the left. All I ever see in the right pane are the contents of the root node.

    1. Which version of KeePass 2.x have you used to create the database in the version which you are using for testing. They have updated the database format a few times. My database was last updated in KeePass 2.21.

        1. Just to let you know that I am able to open the same kdbx file no problem in KyPass Pro on my iPad (1st Gen). Don’t know if that is helpful to know.

  2. Another issue I have with kypass companion:
    KeePassHttp uses the title field for url lookup under windows/keepass, kypass only looks into the url field.
    I have like 300 entries in my keepass db and changing all those entries would be really time consuming and tideous…

  3. Hi, great work so far it’s working very well for me, thanks!

    couple of feedback/questions:

    1. I can’t seem to set my own root-level groups. – everything has to be under either “Internet” or “Backup”. what if I want something different at the root level? would be nice to be able to add a group at root level.

    2. Any chance of improved command line running on the agenda? (similar to URL run, but launch a different app). eg. allow me to use SSH with port tunnelling etc. etc. by running a cli command.

    cheers, BT

    1. 1. It’s a bug. I’m looking to fix that.
      2. you could already use ssh:// shortcut like this ssh://{USERNAME}:{PASSWORD}@

  4. Where does Kypass Companion look for the keepasshttp.plgx file? I’m trying to upgrade to the latest version, but I can’t find it for the life of me.


      1. Thanks, I figured out what my problem was. ChromeIPass is expecting full on keepass, so it is creating password generator icons on web sign up pages. When ChromeIPass can’t create a password, it says “perhaps you need to upgrade keepasshttp” so without thinking I tried to do so.

        The error is actually because Kypass Companion has no password generator. Hopefully that is something you’ll consider for a future release.

  5. This app is excellent. Thanks for putting this together. You aren’t secretly hacking our files and passwords with this are you? This is too good to be free ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Hi, cudos for your excetional native port of the great KeePass app for OS X. What really would be very nice is if you could support the KeeFox extension ( http://keyfox.org ). Your build in support for Passifox is great but KeeFox is much more comfortable ๐Ÿ™‚ Would this be possible?

        1. Nope.
          KeePass plugin are true Windows application.
          It’s not possible to use it on Mac (or then, I have to use Mono or another Windows emulator)
          All I could do is create a new plugin framework…

          1. Ah ok, thanks for clarification! I’ve tried original KeePass Portable with Mono, that just makes no fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I would like to give you money for KyPass Companion because it was exactly what I needed in my new Macbook buildout. Is there a donation button somewhere, or another way to support your work?

    1. As with KyPass on iOS, KyPass Companion will be paying when it will be out of beta.
      You could then pay for it if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh, I forgot one feature request: the app already sits in the menubar, but the icon is visible in the dock as well. Menubar only would be nice!

      And by the way, sometimes it crashes after login, I suppose that happens when the OS X tickbox “restore all applications after login” is on, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll watch for it …

      1. OK, I found at least one scenario when it crashes. If Companion is running and Chrome with the appropriate plugin as well and you start Firefox (also with plugin) then Companion crashes.

        It seems to happen if two browsers access Companion at the same time.

  8. Thanks for adding the option not to use the keychain! I wish there were a way to hide the icon from the dock. There is already an icon in the menubar, so also having it in the dock is redundant.

    1. I just realized I repeated the comment right above mine ;)!

      Anyway +1 for that request — and, also this program works great! Much better than KeePassX of any flavor.

  9. Great work. Just what i was looking for. The other keypass-tools available out there are not really nice on OS X. Keep up the good work, looking forward to see the final release.

  10. Great work!!
    It work for me but I can’t understand if the firefox estension can work with multiple login (for example many mailbox on gmail).
    When I tried to login to my gmail account autofill work only with one username.

    cheer, A

  11. It would be great if you could open URL’s through the menu bar icon (from the open database).

  12. Can you provide us some information about the Sync feature of KeePass 2.X?

    Do you have plans to implement this feature? It is really awesome when several people are working with one DB.

  13. Hi; thanks for the cool program! Do you have any plans to open-source it? There are a few features I (or others) would like to help with โ€” if that is compatible with the way you want to distribute your work, of course.

  14. When using the Chrome plugin, it detects new passwords then prompts me to add them. The first time I add a password the KyPass Companion group is not displayed on the left. The password is visible on doing a search, and after closing then reopening the database the group is visible.

    On closing the database there is no prompt about saving changes, as there is in KeePass – the changes are automatically changed. This is fine once users are happy with using KyPass Companion with their database, but should be an option disabled by default to allow people to test out the functionality without overwriting their passwords database!

    1. Furthermore – I would like to be able to choose the group (or root) under which new passwords are added – I don’t really need a group called KyPass Companion…

  15. This thing is pretty good so far. A suggestion though, I would love to see a way to close the main window and just have the task bar icon (with the database open). And then just relaunch the main window from the task bar. I generally don’t need my main window open at all. as I am just filling forms in my browser. The only other suggestion, give he ability to launch a URL from the task bar as well.


        1. Or at a minimum, an option to launch a few databases right from the taskbar without having to browse (Shortcut menu of sorts).

    1. Just to add, having the URL opener, would also allow this to be used as a favourites app as well. I would just use this (portability amongst browsers), and even better if you released a win version too (cross platform).

  16. Love this application. Finally was able to uninstall Windows 8 and Parallels. Cut and paste works perfectly. My Mac is now running lean and mean. A few things here and there, but Kypass performs very nicely. Kudos.

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