KyPass 2.4 preview

preview-1KyPass Companion help me to improve KyPass for iPhone/iPad!
Here is some news about KyPass 2.4:

  • View attachements (Excel, Keynote, Numbers, Page, Powerpoint, Word, Rich Text Format, PDF and Images)
  • Display custom icon (in entry and group)
  • Add group/entry bug is fixed
  • Protected custom fields are masked just like passwords
  • At start, open the last database used.
  • And last, but not least: full WebDav support!

Still some test to do and I’ll send it to Apple.

19 thoughts on “KyPass 2.4 preview”

  1. Not sure where to submit this but I found a bug in the current release. When I add a new entry and exit it doesn’t sync to dropbox and looses the entry. After adding a new entry I have to edit it or another one to trigger the sync.

  2. Hi, I would like to know: does KyPass show the group an entry is in when performing a search? This way I can neglect entries in ‘Backup’ etc.

  3. Hello i had buy kypass pro, but after using on the iPad , add an entry, after closing the app , and reopen the entry is gone? Tested on my iPhone ! The Same result.? What to do?

  4. I’d like to buy KyPass or KyPass Pro, but would like to know more first about synchronisation with Dropbox. Is this automatic, or do I have to explicitly download / upload the .kdb file?

    Thanks, Chris

  5. Hi,

    first thx for promo of kp pro 🙂
    Please add the function, to export the kdbx file to another app like in minikeepass (to export to boxcryptor for crypted sync to dropbox)

    and also please add support for password+.key files

  6. KyPass Pro is an excellent app and great for being able to know my passwords anywhere I go.

    However, my corporate network doesn’t allow DropBox connections, but does allow SkyDrive.

    As several people have mentioned here before; please add SkyDrive connection & two-way syncing.


  7. Hi. I just want to keep a single copy of the database on my iphone. If my phone was lost and I logged into my apple ID from a different iphone, would my database be restored. Ie is the database stored automatically in the iphone backup?

    1. The local databases are in the documents folder. Thus, the databases will be restored if you use the iPhone backup.
      When KyPass Companion will be available from the AppStore (soon), you’ll also be able to use iCloud.

  8. Hi, could you change the edit fields by a new entry to left justify. On an iPad the edit box is across the whole screen with the label left and you enter the data on the other side of the screen (on the right, the text is right justiefied). This is very annoying. Almost all applications use left justify because it works easier and you can see the label of the field and value next to each other. Could you change this.

    Thanks Henri

  9. Hello!

    For clarity, does wedbav support mean that synchronisation support is enabled orthat just opening a file stored on webdav is supported?



      1. Thank you very much!!

        This is great news to be able to sync changes between devices without copying databases around and not always being sure if the database is available offline

        Kind Regards


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