Kypass Pro 2.3 at USD0.99 during 24h

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KyPass Pro is available on the App Store.

And… V2.4 is on the way with:

– attachements view
– custom icon view
– custom fields in kdbx will be editable.
– many bug fixes (button add is fixed, …)

24 thoughts on “Kypass Pro 2.3 at USD0.99 during 24h”

  1. I am having problems with reading my kdbx database which I never had problems before…. Kypass pro just bombs out after putting in my password. I have no problems opening the same database on keepass on my PC though.

    Can I reinstall kypass pro, if so how can i do it?

  2. Can we have an in-app purchase option for those of us who have already bought KyPass to upgrade to KyPass Pro rather than paying for a full app again?

      1. I’m using Kypass since Vers. 1.2 and would like to use the PW generator. How can I upgrade without buying again?

  3. Any chance we get multi-factor support with this release? That is the last thing keeping me from being able to use my keepass DB across all my devices.

  4. I bought KyPass Pro v 2.3 about 2 weeks ago. It works fine for (a) viewing existing entries and (b) editing existing entries, but when I add a new entry it disappears, and the file on Dropbox is not updated.

    Unfortunately this is quite reproducible. I am using a Keepass version 1 database.

    This is a serious bug – please look into it urgently. Contact me if you need further information.

    1. As already said, the ‘add entry/group’ button is bugged.
      Use the Edit button and the pencil icon to add entries or groups.

      It will be fixed in the next version.

  5. Hi,

    I have just bought your app (ver 2.3) for my ipad. I use Dropbox syncing.

    Unfortunately I bump into following three serious bugs:

    – New entries dissapear (as described by Chris) above
    – Password generator does not work – a truncated window appears in the upper left corner and after that the app hangs. I bough PRO version for this feature!!!
    – It is very strange that new tekst in the fields is aligned right.

    Could you please check it and fix A.S.A.P?

    Thanks and greetings!

  6. Irek:

    1. Redbug’s response (above) describes a way of adding new entries; it works for me.

    2. Password generator works OK for me, on both iPhone and iPad. Maybe try delete and re-install?

    3. I agree that the text layout on iPad is rather strange, especially when adding new entries, but it is still usable.

    Regards, Chris

  7. I bought KyPass and meant to get Pro so bought that too. Have noted that I need to use ITunes share to get my key file recognized in a posting above but have not found instructions on how to do that. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

    1. rename your key file to database.kdb.key if your database is database.kdb.
      Go in iTunes, select your iPhone, go to the application panel, select kypass and copy the key file in the file list.

  8. I purchased the KyPass Pro and it’s great. The only problem i have is that – if i add sub-groups and add new entries inside those subgroups, when i go back it doesn’t count the entries and can show a number like 0 even-though there are 10 entries inside. This is very bad since i want to be informed exactly how many entries there are in every group including sub-groups!

    Please answer SOS. this is very important to me.


  9. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Appreciate it!

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