Bug with Keepass 2.20

For those who use Keepass 2.20:
Keepass 2.20 give this message error: “your database is corrupted” when you open a database modified by KyPass.

Don’t be afraid !

Database is not corrupted! There is a bug with KeePass 2.20. (New header protection in fact).

And you could still open your database with Keepass 2.19 on your PC at http://sourceforge.net/projects/keepass/files/KeePass%202.x/2.19/

I’ll release quickly a fix for KyPass v2 (AND v1 also)

11 thoughts on “Bug with Keepass 2.20”

  1. Anyone else having trouble with Kypass v1 and IOS6? It won’t detect my database files from DropBox even though they are in the Crypted folder.

  2. I am having the same issue (not syncing under IOS6 with dropbox) and I am not happy that I purchased v1.6 late last year and now (less than a year later) I have to pay for an upgrade to get updates? And $4.99 at that? Good grief, I paid $2.99 back in December and that was more than most apps I have purchased.

    I’m afraid you are going to lose many loyal customers.

  3. Okay, sorry I am spamming your blog with comments. :-/

    I’d like to add to this thread that uninstalling and reinstalling v1.9.2 fixed my issue with syncing on DropBox, at least for now. Just tap and hold the app on your iPhone/iPad and delete it. Download it again from the App store (you won’t have to buy it again) then relink it to DropBox.

    Thanks &


  4. Hi,

    I have the same issue with the synch. After some time, Dropbox stops the synch. I believe that it is happening if your database on the mobile is not synched (you see the x), and you click on it, before or during the synch. From that point on, it will not synch again. (probably there is some flag in the code indicating it was synched already).
    Anyhow, I’m also annoyed from the fact that I need to pay another 5$ for an upgrade, and you know what, nothing in the upgrade is really required for me…

    Anyhow the app is great.


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