4 thoughts on “Google Drive”

  1. Occasionally on my iPad 2 the Dropbox sync stops working, it continues to sync on my iPod. The only way to recover is to delete the file and reload it from the desktop.

  2. Hi there!

    Paid for kypass 1 and 2. I don’t think there is the possibility in neither to use skydrive instead of dropbox. Is that correct? Can skydrive support be added? With the release of win 8 I think it may be a prioritized feature. Thanks

    1. Another vote for SkyDrive file location for my password file. It works great between all of my PCs and my Mac. But it does not work on my iPad or iPhone.

      Please add this feature.

  3. Toujours pas d’émulation amstrad de prévu pour ios cette année ?
    Sinon redbug tu ne peux pas le sortir avec des jeux gratuits sur l’applestore, comme pour l’emulateur c64 de Manomio iphonexplorer fera le reste si on veut rajouter nous même des jeux.
    Je me demandais pourquoi c’était compliqué de le sortir ?

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