KyPass 2

KyPass 2 was released 3 days ago and many of you already love.

The new feature are:

  • Password generator: when you create a new entry, click on the key button and the password generate form appears.
  • iCloud support: use it with the KyPass for Mac coming soon.
  • Incredible new design. Do you like it ?
  • Download database from your own web server.
  • Local web server is now WebDav compliant and the old “upload” form has disappear. It disturbs some of you. The next release will have the two option.
  • The order of the entry and the group could be sorted alphabetically or not.

And many bug fixes (also available in KyPass 1.9.2)

  • Encryption rounds are now respected.
  • New font when displaying passwords.
  • Password is hidden when you return from home screen.

However, some of you did not like this version is paid.

I live with my applications. Updates take me time.
So I had two options: either I pay this update or I stop developing KyPass to devote myself to another application.
You know my choice.

All the bug fixes I’ll make in KyPass 2 will be also done in KyPass 1.
KyPass 1 is not dead…

Read this good article by Will Shipley of Delicious Monster: The Mac App Store Needs Paid Upgrades.

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26 thoughts on “KyPass 2”

  1. Hi, Im using Kypass heavily since the beginning.

    Well, sorry I dont agree with you, even I understand some points.

    Please see my view:
    1) many features were already promised in the past, THIS is one of the most seen arguments to buy Kypass. The promise of future updates and enhancements, already done in the past !

    2) Of Course, Im totally with you, that MAJOR enhancements and big rebuilds should be paid for, BUT, do you really think, that adding a minor design change, webdav and simple passgen is really MAJOR ???

    3) you could modularize Kypass and let the people pay for these new and not promised feature via inapp-buy, then the people and happy users would have the choice to pay for new super features or stay on their current setup.

    4) IF you are plannung such things, like spinning of a new version to get new paying users, you should publish this, a minimum of 8 weeks in advance in the description of the current app, as new paying users should see, that a) happy users are really important for you, and b) the fresh paying people are not sitting on the old featureless version and didnt had the choice to wait for the new killerapp for a few weeks or pick the current app.

    5) you might already have noticed that many people really dislike the way you are now playing with the good reputation of your good work and a really great app for the iphone.

    6) involve the people in your development process, setup a realease plan, make a feature catalog and show the people, that the app they paid for is developed professionally, and even in this setup you have the choice to generate new money with new users and inapp-payments.

    7) sorry, one of the really hard points: did you know howthe update policy in the appstore is, when you begun to develop Kypass.

    8) even your work is based on another ones hard work, you know the basics you have picked up have been delivered by the sourcecode of MyKeepass 😉



    1. 1) Many features were added from v1.0: automatic logout, kdbx write, autofill in internal browser, …
      2) It’s a major enhancements. Maybe not between 1.9.2 and 2.0 but look all the differences between 1.0 and 2.0.
      3) It’s the case. KyPass v1 is still working and is still supported too. Google Drive support will be added in v1.9.3 this week.
      4) And during 2 months, I cry watching my sales?
      5) True for some people. Yet, this is how it works in the world of desktop software 🙁
      6) I already involve a lot of people. Not specially on this blog but on
      7) Do you know that many developer make HD version of there application ? That many developer stop after only one release ? That many developer doesn’t answer to their customer. It’s not my case.
      8) Now, all I use from MyKeepass is its Keepass library. And I have added kdbx writing support in it. The code is still available on demand.

      I think that if I have named KyPass v2 as KyPass Pro, customers have been less angry…

  2. Bonjour
    J’ai cherchĂ© assez longtemps comment gĂ©nĂ©rer un mot de passe…. il faut dire que la clĂ© en gris foncĂ© sur fond rouge foncĂ© en haut de l’Ă©cran, ce n’est pas Ă©vident Ă  trouver !
    Sinon, trĂšs bien pour cette nouvelle version

  3. I’m not quite sure I need this version as KyPass 1 has been serving me pretty well, but… I still want to —somehow— support development efforts. I’ll see what I can do; I suppose donations are also viable options.
    I’m sorry to say but, for people that bought KyPass 1, if we get to buy this one, are we just supposed to uninstall the other version? Even tho I understand your monetization stance, to be honest, it seems quite convoluted for old/recurring customers.

    Keep up the good work and we’ll keep spreading the word.

    – Heartborne

  4. I just paid for this update and I think the password generator is worth it alone. This is the one missing link that allows me to be more mobile with my password database. I would definitely support a Mac version of KyPass as well. I currently use KeePassX. I, for one, support your development efforts. Keep up the good work! Do not be discouraged.

  5. I commented on another thread about the upgrade to v2 and I’d like to add a note here, as well. I am also a software developer and I understand the need to put food on the table. 🙂

    However, I also believe there should be a forgiving upgrade path for loyal customers (especially those who have purchased within the last year.) My purchase of v1.6 was in December 2011 and I paid $2.99. Your app has certainly been worth that. However, to pay $4.99 now for the upgrade would bring the total purchase price (for less than a year’s use) to $7.98, which is more than any app I have purchased.

    This seems a bit excessive. While I will probably upgrade anyway, I just wanted to let you know that this leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    By the way, your app is still the best KeePass for IOS app out there right now. Just don’t let it go to your head! 🙂

  6. I have a query about the use of multiple databases. Can I select which specific databases sync where? For example I want my more sensitive stuff to sync via WebDav but other information to sync via DropBox.

  7. I bought the upgrade for the password generator. And it works fine for new entries, so thanks for that. But if I want to change the password of an existing entry I don’t seem to be able to find the generator. Is it there but I just can’t it, or have you not included it there? If so, please do because that is where I really want it.

    Thanks for the great app otherwise.

  8. I want to upload the key-file to KyPass2:
    – Upload from desktop does not work (time out)
    – Download file from web (Dropbox link) does not work (no error given)

  9. 1 mois que Kypass2 est sorti et le bug qui interdit de renommer les fichiers tĂ©lĂ©chargĂ©s n’est toujours pas rĂ©solu… l’application est inutilisable dans cet usage car il est impossible de reconnaĂźtre des fichiers dont le nom est composĂ© de plus de 20 chiffres (cas des liens Sugarsync). J’ai achetĂ© dĂšs la sortie en espĂ©rant voir arriver la compatibilitĂ© Sugarsync pour une synchro bidirectionnelle, je ne vais pleurer pour 4€, mais ne pas pouvoir utiliser la version 2 pour faire ce que je fais avec la v1 c’est pas gĂ©nial.

  10. Hello,

    trying to upload a database to kypass2 but don’t get it to work. Kypass 1 works like a charm but for Kypass 2 I always get an http404 error. I tried to uninstall kypass 1 because I thought of a conflict. I even did a hard reset after uninstalling but still doesn’t work. Reinstalled Kypass 1 again, uploaded database and it works again with V1.
    Any hints how I can get a database into V2 by upoloading from desktop?


    kind regards

  11. I cannot understand why people think that paying a few bucks for a piece of software is a problem. Someone smarter and more talented than you has put together a useful tool you can carry in your back pocket! Microsoft never sold anything this cheap and they always charge for upgrades (thank god they don’t charge for updates as their software always needs to be cleaned up). If you can afford an iPhone/iPad/iPod I am sure you can pay a couple bucks for an app.

    1. Key files are supported from v1.2
      Just rename your keyfile to database.kdb.key (if your keepass database is database.kdb) and send it via iTunes sharing.

  12. I would like to have generic WebDAV-Sync. So I could sync with my own WebDAV server (over VPN!!) without dropbox or google. Are there any plans?

    1. that would be perfect, as my workplace blocks most cloud services and I use my webDav to sync my workplace file to my own webspace. Since I cannot do that on Mac, I have mounted my webDav as volume in Mac finder, but that also means there is no physical copy on my Mac.

  13. Hi I have Keepas 2 on my PC and Kypass 2.3 on my iPhone. I’ve moved from the PC to a Mac. Any updates on your Mac version – or what else can I use until its available?

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