Karaopocket v3 for iPhone/iPad

Karaopocket is back!

The Karaoke software most downloaded on Pocket PC is finally available on iPhone / iPad.

Karaopocket is now compatible with Dropbox.

For those who do not yet know, Karaopocket is a karaoke software that can read any file with the .kar format.
Thousands of files of this type are available freely online. (Go on www.midikaraoke.com, on vanbasco.com or on google for example and have fun)

Sing with all your heart with the help of your iPhone!

The next version will also support mp3+g support (cd+g) like in PocketCDG.


The songs can be loaded in 4 different ways:

  • Link Karaopocket to your account Dropbox. Karaopocket will then download all the songs located in the / KAR your Dropbox.
  •  Using the web server of Karaopocket (+ button followed by ‘upload from desktop’)
  •  Using the iTunes File Sharing.
  •  Either by loading a .kar file from Mobile Safari and asking him to open it with Karaopocket.

When ?

Soon ! Karaopocket v3.0 was sent for validation to Apple yesterday.
Be aware !

3 thoughts on “Karaopocket v3 for iPhone/iPad”

  1. I like it, easy to load my own .kar files, very easy. But does not have the choice to make song list.
    Looking for an upgrade, maybe I havent found it yet?
    Thank you for making ths aplication.

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