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4 thoughts on “KyPass v1.4 Handbook

  • mihai

    Sounds good. The real urgent feature is the timout option…without it it’s insecure.
    Looking forward to the other features as well.
    Nice job so far.

    PS: The app store description could use some cleanup

  • Luc

    Nice – sounds good.
    What I miss is:
    – linking de kbd file with my iPhone Dropbox file. (not via the web)
    – in KeePass we can add a file (eg a picture of a Card), this is not in KyPass
    but … : nice work !!

  • Pierre

    Just installed on iPad. Worked fine with Dropbox. Congratulations.

    Seems that you cannot edit, change or delete password stored in the Dropbox in your iPad.

    Do you have to edit the kdbx files on another host using with Keepass ? What happens if you want to save a password created within Safari ?