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KyPass 1.7 submitted to approval 32

What’s new ?

  • Icon of entries could be changed! This feature was requested for a long time. Here it is!
  • Display username below each entry (like in search window)
  • Russian version (thanks to Алексей Санников)

Next version (1.8) will have the ‘download from web’ function, support of the ‘memory protection’ for custom fields, …

Replies to some appStore comments on KyPass 3

Thank you for all your comments on the appStore.
310 ratings for the moment for a average of 4 stars !

But it could be better… Some of these comments are not exact.
If you have found some bugs on KyPass: don’t be shy ! Contact me. We’ll fix these bloodies bugs together.

Poor ratings are not constructive.
Thank you again !

Please fix! – ★★★
by CSkyler – KyPass – Version 1.6 – 1 nov. 2011
Used to love this app! 5 stars! Now totally useless with OS5 update. Please fix!!!!!!

I don’t have this problem myself on all my iOS5 devices. You are the only one to have this problem. Could you retry ? And if you have this problem again, could you reinstall KyPass on your device ?

Important features missing – ★★
by Ipalogo – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 20 oct. 2011
This app is completely useless for me, as it ignores all custom fields in my KeePass databases. Also it appears to be basically identical to the former ‘MyKeePass’ app, though it’s got a nicer look now.

The custom fields are back in version 1.6.

great app – ★★
by romulus-cassius – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 15 oct. 2011
wait for key file protection :-), waiting for This option I congrate kypass developer. dropbox sync bug (exiting app and back to main menu 🙁

Great app but only 2 stars ??? Key file is working since version 1.4. Look at the handbook on this website.

It works – ★★
by NLman – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 11 oct. 2011
I chose it because of the dropbox functionality. The userinterface needs a rework, it is horrible.

Some people like it 🙂 But maybe I have to look for a true designer to help me.

KyWiki 1.0

KyWiki 1.0 was released yesterday !

What is KyWiki ?

KyWiki is a personal wiki manager.

As a wiki, every note can be easily enriched with image and style in a syntax very easy to remember (the same syntax as used with Wikipedia).

As a wiki, every note can be linked to another. This makes it easy to make tables of contents, definitions and all the links that make your posts more vibrant.

All your notes are local and do not require internet connection. But you can also sync all your notes via Dropbox if you wish. Once initialized, this synchronization is done in the background so you do not have to worry about it.

Future additions will include:
* Sync with any MediaWiki server.
* Do your modification directly in the online web server.
* Add other synchronization methods (Spideroak, SugarSync,, …)
* Added functions and special pages.
* … (Fill your choice here & ask for it on twitter @kyuran)